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Well lookie here I got one by clicking on the thread!

I get them often I guess, on my main I do anyways. I always sell them right away since I know I have no chance of getting anything.
I love pink links though. :3

I really wish they would make a "Go back to what i was doing" after you get one...

After I clicked out of this topic, lamenting the fact that I haven't been active enough on Gaia for years to receive any sort of special event... an Enchanted Wooden Trunk appeared. eek But now apparently they're worth next to nothing?

The times, they are a-changin'....
I haven't gotten one in a long time. I don't mind it. I used to get excited, but now the majority of items in them are just ... crap.
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I've always gotten one at least once a week, now I'm seeing more of the brown boxes !~
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The frequency increase is noticable, but then again the drops are'nt that good so it makes sense.
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King Blackwater

ok i just wanted to know if it was just me... or there had been an actual increase usually they announce or mention in the updates when they do those types of things but i hadn't read about it anywhere so i was wondering.
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I got one as I was going to post a reply the other day. I was happy to get one, but it's not the most practical place to get one sweatdrop That said, I do feel like I'm seeing them more often than I used to get them. Even if it's not much, I really like getting them smile Most of the times, I don't open them as I get them since I want to go back to where I was in the forums, and ends up realizing I had some while browsing my inventory a few days afterward. It's always a nice little surprise, especially those lovely pink links heart
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I've been getting a lot more, as well. Sometimes I'll even get 2-3 in one day.
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I tend to get a few a month, sometimes a few a week, but that's not too often.

And as far as the amounts go, I actually....never open them. haha

I've just started to hoard them in my inventory.
They're shinnnnnyyyy.... emotion_c8
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I get them fairly often. In fact, I got one earlier today. xD

Seems the Golden Magical Giftboxes are the new pink ones(I did get one a few months ago, chickened out and sold it, though. xD)
I haven't been on this account in like 4 years and I just got one the moment I logged on.

Pretty rad, brah
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Now that you've mentioned it.
I seem to be getting them a lot more lately.

Used to be I barely see them at all XD
Now I got myself around 5 in my inventory for this year.

Pink Links are nice for the sole reason that they grant
pure gold and when you need to get gold in a jiffy...
they're pretty handy to have a bunch around.

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