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All about the Lonely Star, the lastest random item generator availiable in the Cash Shop. It uses a "Wish upon an star" system and allows you to get the visit of one of the 9 stars. They´ll ask you a question, and grant you an item, good luck.

-Do you like the theme?, how do you feel about it?
-RIG improvement?, fun?
-What about the items, style, theme, versatility
-Items you want to see in next RIGs, and RIG themes you would like to see

Important: all the off-topic/spam its going to be reported, go to the Hangout thread if you want to talk about anything that is not related to the Lonely star or its items

Go and check: all the art in the Lonely star can be found here, and all the back poses for wigs/skins and I am poses can be found here.

- Lonely star Item List


User Image
SDPlus #30 Alien 02

User Image
SDPlus #31 Alien 09

User Image
SDPlus #32 Mother

User Image
SDPlus #56 Concerned Citizen

User Image
SDPlus #95 Gimpi Doll

User Image
SDPlus #99 Kanoko

User Image
SDPlus #107 Everydude

User Image
SDPlus #121 Saiph

User Image
SDPlus #222 [ JK]

User Image
SDPlus #223 Crazy Spork I Am

User Image
SDPlus #224 KirbyUFO


User Image
Fluorite Borealis

User Image
Moonstone Borealis

User Image
Opal Borealis


User Image
Moon Lantern

User Image
Star Lantern

-Nartian´s rock related items

User Image
Nartian Star

User Image
Kink's Reprise

User Image
Everyone's Reprise

User Image
Dandy's Reprise

-Space/Planetarium´s related items

User Image
The Sun (OM NOM)

User Image
The Moon (Mewn Mew!)

User Image
Toy Rocket

User Image
Galileo's Telescope

User Image
The Cosmos

User Image
Divided Stars

User Image
Orion's Belt

User Image
Kitten Star

User Image
Astronaut Suit

User Image
Star Suit Mascot

-Random items

User Image
Happy Capsule

User Image
Prince Antoine

User Image
Twinkle the Space Goat

User Image
R3Tr0 Bot

User Image

User Image
Great Old One

User Image
Mysterious Passenger Luggage

User Image
Space Wars Tech

-Other Lists

User Image SDPlus - User Image FAMESTAR 2000 - User Image - Emerald Seed - User Image Suspicious Package - User Image Gee Boi Turbo - User Image Midsummer Swirl

User Image
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Gambino Survivor

The GCD can always trust in you for the list, it seems. :3
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I hope I'm not the only one that was holding their breath waiting for this thread to pop up.
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-starts digging through the MP-
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Shameless Enabler

Yay! *sits in to watch the list compile* owo I'm not buying these this time, I spent waaaaay too much last time. >w>
Thank you <3
I love looking at the new RIG items without having to buy one.
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I added this one to the MP, I feel speshul :3
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I always look for this thread to show up. n.n
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Star Fairy

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wow you're fast!
i like SDPlus #222 [ JK],wish it had some accessories..
>W< THe items look so cute!

*goes to find them*
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Sparkly Lunatic

I was waiting for a thread to pop up. XD

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