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Magic Mage

I love gold shops. I wish they'd update them more than just once a month, especially on months where it's just a salon or crosstitch update otherwise. There's so much untapped potentiallllllll.

Favorite gold shop items? Cat tail. And the bakeneko sets. And the black 90s gloves. And. Um. A lot of things.

Honestly? Most of the time cash shop updates can go jump. But I can always find something I want in gold shop updates. Usually a lot of somethings. And I entered the last crosstitch contest, so the anticipation for it to update is killinggggg me.
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I love gold shop items and gold shop updates.

As far as crossstitch goes, some of the items are really pretty, I wish the rules were a little more lenient, like, I wish they'd allow wigs in crossstich, gold shops need more wigs.
MOAR WIGS. emotion_dowant

My favorite shop is Global Imports, my inventory is full of stuff from there. :>
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The gold shops don't come in handy that often for me. I'm not really a fan of CrossStitch, either. A lot of the items are awkwardly designed and either layer in a retarded way or they make you appear cluttered. Certain things from there look as if a five year old designed them.
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Magical Kitten

I love the gold shops. The vast majority of my inventory is from the gold shop. They're just so versatile, and they come in a wide range of colors. Plus the gold shops have the perfect little accessories to add those finishing touches of character or color. I'm not a big fan of Crosstich, if only because the updates are so puny and the themes make the items less versatile. I like the idea of user-designed items, I just don't end up using them because they're too theme-y. As for DC, well, while the items are gorgeous, they're way out of my price range for one pose that I wouldn't use often. If there were mid-range items (100k-1mil?) I might shop there, but until then, nope.
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Questionable Phantom

Uh.....so many questions....I'll answer one for now. I really like Crosssitch, though I would like two themes at once
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I have decided to treat this formally. Here we go now~

1. Yes, I love shopping in our gold shops!
2. "Black leather belt" is my favorite shop item, right next to the black panties. Mmm.
3. I'm always broke and I love the shops, so they likely work pretty well as a sink.
4. I would be all up for new shops, but I wouldn't say any are necessary right now.
5. All shop updates are good always. I just want more for the gold shops.
6. New theme...could we...could we have a wig shop? OOH. Makeup. We need to add makeup to Salon Durem or something! >=0
7. Durem Depot is by far my favorite shop heart
8. I love both punk/lolita fashion and Moira, but the clothes are more important than the NPC.
9. There are never enough items.
10. There would ideally be many more gold shop items a month, seeing as how we get sooo many cash items. I would hate to see Gaia go the way of TinierMe *shudder*
11. I want to see punk lolita. I would cry with joy.
12. I like Crosstitch in theory, but like others have said, it's much too themed to be versatile = ( Versatility is number one in my book. I'd rather have a nice plain shirt than something only good for one or two very specific outfits.
13. I believe I entered the first item contest before Crosstitch was a thing. I did some silly bleeding heart thing. And now there's an item like that! But I don't want it because I no longer like the concept. Go figure.
14. I understand not letting us do wings and stuff that they are reserving for expensive items, but I would LOOOOOOVE for us to be able to do wigs and makeup. Those things shouldn't be so exclusive...
15. I would choose punk lolita as Crosstitch's next theme. Or, maybe just lolita for diversity.
16. Dernier Cri is silly. I love talking to Brennivan and staring at the beautiful veil I'm sure no one actually owns. I know it's a sink, but it's ... unusable.
17. Ahahaha. No, no, I can't afford to shop in Dernier Cri.
18. More expensive? Less expensive, please. I think I'd be willing to pay 700k for that veil, but not more...
19. No, I don't think Dernier Cri serves as a good gold sink because it doesn't seem to be used very much.

That was fun.

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