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My most favorite updates are the CI updates! Following behind that are gold shop..specifically Salon Durem and CrosStitch. And then MC, cash shop, ect. None of the other announcements bother me much or make me go "meh". It's exciting to atleast get some news on something I guess.
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Wait? We're getting a House update? Where did that info come from? >>; I will admit I never bother watching Monthly Update videos. Never have the patience to wait for the video to load up. >>;

The only update I'm still waiting is the inventory arranger update. After all, about how long have Gaia been announcing about the inventory arranger?

Besides, everything still seem regularly update to me (aka: Monthly Collectible, EI reports, RIG/CI updates, gold shops). I mean, you can easily figure out the pattern. Heck, I can bet you that we're going to get a new REI item tomorrow since the last one is already done.
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Recolors scream
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I like item updates in general. I can't wait to see the upcoming stuff for Gaia Homes XD
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I really want to see some high quality and high priced GOLD shop items. And I would LOVE for a new shop with SOUL BOUND gold items to be made. It would be a great gold sink for the site, since nothing would be trade-able. If you want the items, you'd have to buy it yourself and the gold would go out of the economy.
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I love gold shop updates and Salon updates!
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Items?!!!... I read Items!!! emotion_drool
Monthly Updates are 'meh!' for me.
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Items. Mostly of the gold shop variety.

Because I'd rather spend gold on a really, really, really good pair of shoes than an amazing new RIG item. (Shoes are still very hard to find on gaia) gonk
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drops to my knees and screams "guilds" to the heavens, sobbing

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