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I'm too lazy to save up for gold now, so I absolutely adore gold shop updates. :'P Out of those, I get really excited over salon updates. You can never have too many salon updates.
I also love events. Especially ones centered around Durem/Aekea/Barton/that other one that I forgot because my brain is so dead right now.
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At the moment I'd kill for some new furniture.
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I just love item updates. Cash shop, gold shop, whatever! Not really a fan of REIs, it's rare to find one that has more than two poses I like. Don't much care for Salon updates because they use a really terrible color palette for the hairstyles that I just use wigs all the time now.

Gold shop updates with clothing and handheld items, I like.
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Item updates (RIGs, EIs, MCs, etc.) & events really give me that Gaia thrill.
I'm not that picky when it comes to getting excited over updates, haha. The littlest things make me happy.

I always feel overwhelmed when two or more of the things mentioned above take place at once.
Just thinking about that happening now makes me giddy. blaugh
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i crave an update that has stuff i can use in it. Last RIG had only one thing that shows on I Ams. GS almost never has anything useful, CS only marginally better. EI's don't do very well like they used to, either. So when the RIGs stop producing useful stuff, there's not much left.
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Winter made FA too?? Congrats Winter!
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The Manga update is basically the only thing I look forward to anymore, ever since it became clear that zOMG would never ever be getting a storyline update again.

Those who attend ATA probably groan and roll their eyes when they see me posting the question on when it's coming at this point.

It's been 7 months.

I know indie artists who push 1 page a week.

We are literally in the middle of something big.

This, in my opinion, is inexcusable at this point.
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I'm really looking forward to the update on the Inventory arranger. My inventory is in a terrible state of disarray. And I always anticipate the Evolving Item updates the most, as well as the RIGs, which are the highlight of my month.
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I like gold shop updates. Heck I'll the extra mile and say even if i think the ones in Crossstich are impractical those user artists are creative.
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The updates I love the most are item updates (RIGS/Cash shop/gold shop, etc). out of those I absolutely love salon updates the most! But I love them all, even if I cannot afford to buy any of the new shiny things. XD

Like the previous summer sale, couldn't afford anything, however I still found it quite exciting. 3nodding
I really want to see some updates to the trash/flowers system, with the ability to create new items out of them. Also, some new ways to use those Bachelor/Master/Doctorate chips that we got from playing some of the older games. I've had those sitting in my inventory for so long I can't even remember. But mostly I want to see a trash/flower update. An obvious way to use the flowers would be the ability to craft different flower crowns from them.
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Manga and Items mainly, because that's why I'm here.
And a update for the Guilds wouldn't hurt either.

speaking of updates, they release new items rather late recently
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Salon update~ <3
I'm still hoping to get more pigtails or odango hair styles emotion_kirakira
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item updates, especially if the items are mythology/fantasy based
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I love love love gold shop updates.
What bores me are Evolving Item updates. That's mostly because you only get one item evolving per update, two if you're lucky.

...man, I miss the EI heyday. At least three evolving per week...those were the days.

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