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No one will every convince me you told a lie.

              I've had my signature disabled once before. My bad. I didn't check the size. So I payed the fine and got it re-enabled, no big deal. Frankly I like the fines, takes gold out of the system (no matter how small the amount). classified_northkittenstar

Moriarty was REAL!
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I've had my sig disabled once, for going over the byte limit in the image there. It was actually a different version of my current sig, which was unexpected and kind of hilarious, since it is *tiny*. But evidently there was some compression weirdness because it was waaaaaaay over the file size limit and I had no idea because the image itself was still so small.

My reaction when I got the notice was basically WHAT. Because I mean come on look at it.

The other funny thing is right before it got disabled I had posted in a thread about signature size limits :V
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Milk Kittea
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I didn't even know the Detention Center existed. o_O That's kinda cute... in a scary way.
(Anything to do with getting in trouble in school makes me nervous. I was a goody goody.)

I got very nicely warned once by a mod for having a sig file size too big. Whoops!
It was only over by, like, 10 bytes or something silly like that.
I just decreased the quality a tad to get it within the limit. Easy peasy.
Still, hearing from a mod about something I was doing "wrong" put me on edge.
Ever since then, I make sure every sig is within the limits. Lesson learned! User Image
Some mods think that if you're over the limit by 1byte that you're trolling them. But I dont think they ban you, just disable the sig.
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I've gotten warned a couple of times. The mod was very nice about it though.

I had a major blond moment and didn't realize that the animation is what made it big.

What....what is this heaven thing people are talking about?
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Zzyli - Zzy as in Xylophone, Li as in leaf

I had my sig busted once for and over-sized .gif. Silly me read the info about meeting a maximum dimension requirement, but missed the bit about maximum file size. The 10g wasn't really an issue, but I am now hyper vigilant about what goes in my siggy. I think that the detention system is pretty fair, as if you make newbie mistakes, you're only punished at a level that a newbie could afford, but the compounding certainly discourages repeat offenders.

Some other compounding things are a bit odd. I do have a friend who says that to change his username again is over 500k. He doesn't want to chuck the account and start a new one though, because of the sentimental value- and also if he wanted his current username back, he'd have to pay for the change anyway.

*gets back on topic*

Existential Existence

That 'shovel' is still in detention- really? I do have some questions about what people consider to be offensive content and what is fine on here, but I'm not moderator trained. I must say, that every time I notice your lack of signature, I think of the shovel.

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative...


yeah, it's still in detention because i haven't bothered paying the 10g fee yet. IMO it looks nothing like a p***s if you compare it to a picture of the real thing. there is mostly illusion, but i think it looks more like a shovel than like a d**k. whatever. i don't need a sig.

lol nice to know it's still burned into the back of your brain. i have my tank on my profile actually if you want some aquarium nostalgia.

it was debatable to people though. some people saw it as a shovel, some people didn't, some people didn't see it as a d**k until other people pointed out the similarity to them. fun stuff. the first time i got harried by it a group of mods were polled and came to the decision it was okay after I did a small change. a year later, even if it was the same approved tank from before, i got harried a second time and they switched their decision from the year before. *insert exacerbation here*. even if i made changes again to the shovel i'd probably get harassed again later down the line by some tightwad so i'm just going to leave it disabled. so it's a gray area apparently when it comes to interpretation. and if it's a gray area mods will consult each other. the thing that annoyed me the most though was that they suddenly decided to change/go back on their decision from the year before.

it's like posting a picture like this
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
and instantly you think "d**k"

because of this conversation.

but really, it's just a picture of a building.

if someone put that pic in their sig with the word 'fallacy' underneath i wouldn't think it's sexually explicit material, just interpretative illusion. but i guess that's debatable as sexually explicit material according to certain mods. >.>

that is true art though cool it makes people think and question.

i consider my tank a masterpiece in aquarium decoration cool /joke
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^ Your shovel will live on in infamy. Totally bogus that they made you remove it, though, especially when you consider that a ton of items for the site are way more suggestive. Smh.

I never got anything disabled. I didn't even know there was a detention center. I did get a PM from a mod a long time ago, though, asking me to resize or remove the .gif in my sig. I guess they don't do that themselves anymore?
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My sig is just some made up quote by me and I loled when it said Nothing is disabled, good girl! Oh Gaia you!

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Cuuuute, it told me nothing disabled, good girl. XD I've never been there before either! I don't think that I've ever been contacted by a mod or admin except to thank me for reporting stuff and in one case, helping me get my account back after it was hacked.
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I've had my sig disabled twice, had threads moved, and been warned because I quoted somebody without contributing to a discussion.

Wow gaia don't you have better things to do than get on my case?

All I've learned is that if you're going to post then you have to include tons of text.
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detention center wuuuh???

i didn't know that existed D:
/hates being reprimanded

i've had warnings from mods twice i think from big sig sizes crying
i hate that i had to go from png to jpg and resize the image itself,
but i'm thankful i didn't have it officially disabled or paid gold to re-enable it ;v;
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Wow...didn't know there was a detention center... o_o
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had that happened to me too! with my siggy
apparently someone thought my image was inappropriate...
compared to many people on gaia, i didn't think so
besides those 2 PWIs and that speeding ticket

I'm a good girl 4laugh
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got my sig disabled .
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,,Nothing is disabled,good girl ! ''
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