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Slick Southpaw
Slick Southpaw
Slick Southpaw

Those hairy arm mods! D:
emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira

aside from layering issues, I AM SO ******** IN LOVE WITH THIS OMG OMG OMG

It looks like you have Snake-colored upper arms XD
But otherwise...it was like that mod was made for you!
Iadsklfjasl;dkfjl;asdkfjl;adskf <3333 it feels like it in a way

but at risk of straying from the actual topic; i love the shape and general transparency of the noses

I really hope this means that noses will be more of a thing now.

Yeah I hope so. I actually really loved the nose shade on the Antipathy skin.
I kind of wish they'd have a separate pose just for the nose on that skin XD
So with Reaper's items I am hoping for more neutral and nice manly face mods 8D
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what's the point of having the items in both rococo and the cash shop? neutral
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am I just blind or are those clothes like

laughably badly pixelled
Fufufu, I love both of them so much that I had to pick them up. Reapersun has become my favorite Gaia artist.
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still waiting fo some1 to buy me one
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Magic Mage

Those are so awful I broke out IRL laughing.
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reapersun's items are interesting because while i think many of the other popular artists use a traditional pixel art approach, it looks like reapersun paints large and then converts down. i kind of like it because it's an imperfect approach to what is usually perfectionist medium, but when i do use her items, I'm forced to only use her items.

i'd like to see her step out of her wheelhouse a bit. also, can we get some more of the bara pastry chef, thnx
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    Okay, why are these items already in La Victorie when they have their own shop? What was the point of their own store burning_eyes
They look so pixelly tho
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man i hope i can eventually afford one of these
the noses are great. i could give less of a crap about everything else which is fine because
the noses crying
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They should fix the tagging because neither item can be find searching for 'latter'.
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So, I'm a big fan of the eyes (especially Augustus), the noses (even though I probably couldn't find a good use for them), and the pale skin mods (especially Caesar).

Everything else is pretty cruddy to me. The pixelling on the clothes reminds me of the dreadful old clothes our avis used to have no choice but to wear.

But I'll still stick them on my wishlist to buy later because i need that pale skin in my life.

Art by Xathoa User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I'm a bit bothered by how the only difference in the coat is the feather colour. I also think the clothes could be a lot more detailed. However, I do find the facial features cool, and I love the detail on the wolf.
im just annoyed that the prices on these items are steep on the marketplace . also why are they available to LV when they are roccoco items? pretty stupid i say.
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im just annoyed that the prices on these items are steep on the marketplace . also why are they available to LV when they are roccoco items? pretty stupid i say.

I think someone might've fudged with the store placing, since they're in both stores. Doesn't make sense for Rococo the way it does for the Verge items that go into LV eventually.

Either way, redundant.

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