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Did she have to kill the executioner?

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....dunno really.... 0.5 50.0% [ 2 ]
She's an assassin,that's it u_u 0.25 25.0% [ 1 ]
Dark Elf: TRAITOR! 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Vampire:He could have done it even alone >.> 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Twilight Fan:YEAH!!!LUV ALL DE WAYY!! 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Twilight Hater:Burn!We missed another chance-______-" 0.25 25.0% [ 1 ]
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Shiarka Jonless
My theory... that servant turns out to be Von Helson. dun dun dun!

I was wondering that as soon as I read that it was a vampire.

Of course I then want be silly and say the woman (elf) in question is Rosalie, who was a dark elf but got turned into a human ( mystic Gaia/god powers in play) because she went off with Von Helson before going off with Gambino and the Don's whole anger issues is because those two men cost him his mum.

Silly yes but I'm still calling it!
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Time-traveling Senshi

          You have to wonder about the situation of the marriage if Luca's mom is going off with the house vampire and then being told that she couldn't see him again or else she'd be tossed out on her rear and have her title stripped.

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Actually I would have expected the Elves to be more cruel...
Even thought We're just at the 7th page, I mean:
She was kinda FORGIVEN on that emotion_8c
She was just forbidden to see him .... meaning he was let to live on? emotion_dowant
And don't excuse the fact he was a vampire (meaning difficult to kill) emotion_eyebrow
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I think it's an intriguing development. I'm always fond of forbidden romances. 3nodding I'm a sucker for that cliche.
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I just want to know when we can get the next item. ninja
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I have a vary crazy idea... what if that Vampire she fell in love with Grew up to be Vladamir!!! it would maybe tie up some strings as to why Johnny Gambino Died and why this is getting so hightstrung.
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The way it reads to me, is that the servant just happened to be a vampire. I would only assume loving a vampire is bad because they're generally considered "evil" in broad terms. Could be all wrong. I don't ******** know anything about the plot.

*guitar rif*
Yeah, I guess being a vampire has nothing to do with anything (never assumed it did) but ... I mean... Why a vampire? The writer could have picked.. another elf... maybe a human?
There's nothing ever hinted before about being costume for the elves to have non elfic servants... or.. anything... in their mist.
Anyway.. It's a poor choice for the gang's origin story.... It downplays the whole group over all.
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of topic a little, am I the only one that thinks the executioner might be her husband? That would be an interesting plot twist.
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Well This is Really Out of Pocahontas Character LOL!
She really did KILL the executioner (excellent strike Mylady)
And about the executioner being her husband...well it would be an excellent twist of plot ò___ç!

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