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Me and Allie ran into a......*ACHO!!* emotion_puke *sniff* sorry,guys.. down with a common cold..

a lot of celebs ourselves..Garrison example of.. you might suspect that he's the famous actor..
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Lanzer's pretty famous.
I think if any irl celebs or well-known people had joined gaia, they'd want to keep their being here hush-hush.
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The thing with being famous is that you travel a lot, so you have more down time than you think in airports and hotels. Sometimes all you want to do is stay in the hotel because it's exhausting to go out other than to do the thing you came to that place to do. Anonymity is a nice thing once in a while, and that is easily achieved on a site like Gaia.
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its possible but highly doubtful
the population on gaia isnt very large and celebrities are pretty busy people
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I know an article writer for TCGPlayer.
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It wouldn't surprise me if there were any celebs running around on gaia.
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Celebrities have too much other stuff to do. They don't live in the same boredom bubble that most of the rest of us do.

That's for sure, it would be a complete waste of time for them. They have real people who love them and have stories and experience to share.

And, if you think about it not much celebrities are bug crazy about small chibi anime characters, unless its of themselves. Good try though
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I think Steven Hawking Plays...
I'm not going to say I don't think there's any on here, but if there are, there are probably very little, and they probably don't log in daily.
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Probably some well known artists.
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there probaebly are a few that have accounts to kill time or somthing to destress with.
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This thread is lasting longer than I expected.
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Well, honestly, if anyone admitted they were a celeb, how many people would believe them?
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That would be pretty cool but no one would ever know. Anyone with a colored user name gets tormented, I can't imagine how an outed celebrity would get treated.
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jeffree star was on here years ago... if you count him as a celebrity....

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