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I always wonder if any famous person was among us Gaians. I don't know if any one has had this thought , but I'm curious if any celebrities, band members, writers, etc ever joined/still on Gaia.
I personally would be excited to hear about this!

Thoughts anyone?
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If they were I'm sure they wouldn't reveal it. Probably would go under an alias and be like the rest of us.
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I've heard of authors and band members. If celebrities use Gaia they probably wouldn't want others to know.

IDK or remember who he is but I've seen this professional boxer(?) dude use a Gaia avatar for his twitter avatar. it is hi-lar-iously cute!
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I think there's been a couple of times where celebrities answered questions for Gaians on the forums, so I wouldn't doubt they'd have their own account as well!
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Well, that's quite possible. Celebrities are pretty much everywhere if they're famous enough. And there's always a bit less known artists, writers, band members etc. in Gaia of course.
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    Boxxy was one, but I'm sure she was more of a meme than a celebrity.
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I heard a rumour that Robin Williams has or had an account at one point.
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Does Dillinger count?
What about Cycon?
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I've never thought of that before.
That would be pretty cool, though we would never know if they actually were..

I've seen fake account for the "real" person though, those always suck.

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Celebrities have too much other stuff to do. They don't live in the same boredom bubble that most of the rest of us do.
I bet the worst trolls are celebrities emotion_awesome
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I had a friend on here who I later found out was a celeb of sorts [music], in Europe, but he wandered away from the Facebook a couple years ago. Once I knew his real [last] name it was kind of obvious, haha. Nice guy, had his fans and wikipedia article, so, that's enough.

People are more diverse than you realise; even a very good friend of mine for ~10 years was on a reality show in Norway in 2007-- it recently cropped up on youtube, the entire series. I joyfully watched it and made fun of her. She never tells anyone; DEEP SHAME. hahhah. She plays Gaia, too, though! Or has an account, anyway.

Pretty sure celebrities stare into the void and collect internet points just like the rest of us. ;(
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Well...Alec Baldwin plays words with friends. That said, I can believe that there might be a random celeb or two that might enjoy Gaia and come here to kill time or relax. They're people with down time and hobbies just like the rest of us, so why not? wink
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Lord Lapin
Does Dillinger count?
What about Cycon?

If Dill counts, then so do I.-_-
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Celebrities have too much other stuff to do. They don't live in the same boredom bubble that most of the rest of us do.

You'd be surprised. wink
Celebrities have free time too, and there's a lot more time waiting around (between takes when filming, while on tour, while travelling, waiting at airports etc.) than many people might believe. With so many mobile internet devices and hotspots with WiFi around now, faffing around online is a great way to kill time.

I don't know about here on Gaia specifically, but I do know at least 2 fairly famous musicians and several of the well-known TV actors I've worked with have active anonymous accounts on other sites, such as Reddit and Something Awful.

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