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-Keeps an eye out on this- >.> Should we trust the mask? LOL
I wanna trust that we get some sparkly purple outfits!
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So we got a kickstart, for an user run event, that you have to donate like 25tril for them to even use a portion of the funds that the kickstart is made for in the first place?

And on top of that 450bil for a chance at getting a doll made?


Only donated a bil because ******** you.

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The global tiers are actually really nice, but the single tiers are a little disappointing. I was hoping for something new, not more charms.

something new would have been nice for sure (or even more charms per level to make it more attractive) but they're on the right track with rewards that get used up rather than sit there and devalue to the point where no one wants to donate IMO :3
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    Are you f-ing kidding me?
    This is for the user run ball and they are trying to cash in on it.
    We get free items once in a while but this is just another gofushion push with loyal's items hiding at the very end.

    edit;; now if a portion of those funds were to go for door prizes for the event then it wouldn't be so bad. but it's not.

    double edit;; i need to learn to read... mind you it had to be reached first
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I do not like the personal rewards. It feels like they are pushing GoFusion really hard and it doesnt really seem to tie in at all with the whole annual ball theme.

I dont think I'll donate any to this one. 450bn is too much for the custom doll entry.
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I'm sad about the rewards.... not because they're for the GF, but because they sucks.. for donating 1b we got a lot more charms and even bundles in the last kickstarter! now is only 2 stars and 2 hearts for 1bil :/
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and lmao custom doll @ 450bil
did we even get the winners for the last two

Gaia may have picked the winners, but the winners may not have wanted their names announced.
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that gif up top seems so...rushed? it looks very thrown together.
im just hoping that if this is some sort of event the resulting event will actually have animal item prizes in addition to human ones. emotion_omnomnom also still waiting on the animal rewards from the last kickstart.

They're probably being mindful now of what they put up there since the bunny gif we had there had given someone a seizure, and others with migraine issues were noticing problems as well. I mean it's good that they are and in the process people who had posted/lurked the thread learned something about photo-sensitivity and the like
Lol, the staff at Gaia is probably of the age to remember the seizure-inducing Pokemon episode, you'd think they'd be aware of that sort of thing already.

I personally had no idea that bouncing like that could cause a seizure (and at that rate) and only knew about contrasting colors... in that it's flipping quickly like in the pokemon episode. Where as with the bunny it was bouncing quickly but nothing else.. If anything it was definitely scary for the OP and I'm glad they're okay.

It also shows that it doesn't have to be incredibly fast, or even as fast as the youtube videos (the ones that are like "epilepsy test" etc) that can be a problem.
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I'll maybe donate to the first achievement depending on the titles it gives
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jsyk it looks like you double image tagged in the first post D:
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Scythes, Watermelon, and Flowing Breezes.
These are the things that bring me Joy.

First, How did you manage to get the icon on its own? And second, I guess this means I won't have to make my topic anymore.

The Scythe Quest
oh I inspected the element through adblock. nothing fancy or impressive. sweatdrop

Scythes, Watermelon, and Flowing Breezes.
These are the things that bring me Joy.

It is to me! Which Browser are you using? I'm on Chrome and I couldn't seem to get it by either right click or Inspect Element.

The Scythe Quest
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Dang. Was hoping for unique items again for donating and not charm. Ah well. Charms I'm sure are in demand so I'm not upset smile Never really was a part of the user run ball either but that's okay! Haha. Maybe I'll participate this year
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Kickstarting the user run ball? I wonder what the users running it have to say on that...

The leader was pretty psyched about it from what I could tell. They told her about it ahead of time.
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So many fancy ball gown and suit-themed items lately.. now an actual kickstarter over it?
oh hoho
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Eh, I put in 10m for the bottom tier. Not sure what else to do with this kickstarter. Would have to sell every last item in my possession for that 150bn title nonsense, and not terribly tempted there unless it somehow had a "Wind" noun. Princess hopes forever crushed, lol...

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