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Ooh balls usually mean pretty dresses emotion_kirakira
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Kazuma Ishimaru
More than that, if we hover over the link it's "The Annual User Run Ball".

Seems odd for it to get a kickstarter, but whatever.
Mine does not show that it just shows /kickstarter/annualball
It's the alt-text.
You know, when you hover over something and a little box pops up?
Here's a pic:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Kickstarting the user run ball? I wonder what the users running it have to say on that...
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..... *cricket cricket*

Why call it the annual ball when it's July? o_O;
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oh god I'm so excited I love the kickstarters emotion_kirakira

hopefully this one has consumable prizes though, same as the last so it's more successful at sinking gold emotion_c8
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-Keeps an eye out on this- >.> Should we trust the mask? LOL
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oh look, we have a kickstart:

User Image

User Image
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I'd hope for nice formal attire on the cheap... I'm not sure why the user-run ball needs a kickstarter though? Were there no Gaians to fund it or something, or would this pay for a special forum?
The "kickstart" concept is going a bit awry now. And by "a bit" I mean "the name needs a complete redo."
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Scythes, Watermelon, and Flowing Breezes.
These are the things that bring me Joy.

First, How did you manage to get the icon on its own? And second, I guess this means I won't have to make my topic anymore.

The Scythe Quest
oh I inspected the element through adblock. nothing fancy or impressive. sweatdrop
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Well those tiers suck.
I'm only doing the first one for the achievement neutral
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Soooo are we gonna have kickstarters for all of the events now? NOT that I'm complaining. It takes gold out of the system!
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why is loyal's update tier HIGHER than that gofusion one

oh wait it's kinda obvious never mind lol

and 150bil for the second achievement there. better compared to the last one. i hope the hunters can get it this time.
and lmao custom doll @ 450bil
did we even get the winners for the last two

the tiers dont look that interesting but good for fusion once again, i guess, even if it has nothing to do with a ball

i'm honestly quite curious about that user ran ball
So it's another kickstarter for it and it has an animal related item... AWWWWWW finally. 3nodding
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.... more Go fusion stufffssss dang... I was hoping for ball type stuff :c

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