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How much would you be willing to pay for a Gaia board game?

$15 0.16312056737589 16.3% [ 23 ]
$20 0.21985815602837 22.0% [ 31 ]
$25 0.12056737588652 12.1% [ 17 ]
$30 0.042553191489362 4.3% [ 6 ]
$35 0.0070921985815603 0.7% [ 1 ]
$40 0.014184397163121 1.4% [ 2 ]
$45 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
$50+ 0.014184397163121 1.4% [ 2 ]
I wouldn't buy one 0.36879432624113 36.9% [ 52 ]
Gold 0.049645390070922 5.0% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 141 ]
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Demonic Hunter

~ yum_tea ~
Coffee Cat says:

Thanks for the update!

I went to SakuraCon, but his panel got cancelled :c I was really looking forward to hearing the news.
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Existential Existence

Anticipated Updates

1) We can anticipate another item update based on a known American TV show (another partner CI/RIG thing).

2) They are adding Friends Chat into Towns

3) Summer event will test out a new feature people have been wanting for a long time. If we like it during the summer event, they'll forward production on it. Virtual Piggy will have an item linked to the Summer event.

4) They will add servers to Rally, in a different but similar way (aka they're adding servers to Rally but it probably won't look the same way server-choosing used to look).

5) They are developing 2 new games:
a) multi-player strategy game, competing with an opponent to destroy opponent's units (lol vague) - will be for facebook & iOS
b) ? did not catch or DJ did not mention

6) They are in the middle of finalizing negotiations for Gaia's board game. Kickstarter page will determine if production goals are met (prob via pledges to buy the game). DJ was unsure if he was allowed to talk about the theme of the game so I won't mention it here. But yeah. It's an actual, physical board game you'd be able to purchase and play with your friends/family. DJ was asking people how much people would pay for a board game. Thought I'd make a poll. biggrin So answer the poll!

The thing I'm most interested in is the Summer event thing. What do you think the new feature they're testing out during the Summer Event is going to be? I can't really think of things people have been wanting for a long time except PvP games (for zOMG).

goodness that music video made me forget what i wanted to say.. @_@

1. um... i want "once upon a time" to be the sponsor too. we had disney before with the "pirates of the carribean" items but it would be really amazing if it was "once" and can have some of that amazing regina style. emotion_kirakira if it was cartoon, bravest warriors or my little pony.

2. is friends chat like how zomg's chat feature is?

3. hmmm... updated inventory arranger? *shot* then again.. okay i can't think of anything.

4. the server thing makes me think of zomg when you can choose a server.

6. ooooo.. that sounds really cool! and, i totally would throw money at it. but, i think the pricing would be based on how complicated the game will be. like, will the game itself have a lot of pieces to move around the board or even if the board expands to a larger scale. board games vary in price due to a lot of things.. and well, if the set price was like $20, that could maybe work. custom boardgame not mass produced a ton and not sold everywhere.. maybe $20 and up. $30 tops.
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Virtual Piggy will have a hand in the summer event?
I can already see the hatred brewing in eyes of gaians.
We saw how money and events went so well hand-in-hand during the halloween event, didn't we?
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Magic Senshi

An American TV show, eh? How many want to take bets it's "My Little Pony"? /tips counts as bets emotion_awesome

I'm more excited to hear more about the PHYSICAL Gaia themed board game... I wonder if it'll be similar to Heralds of Chaos? That would be pretty bitchin'. I know a few friends who may be interested in another TCG.

As for the Virtual Piggie having a hand in the Summer Event... sure. Why not? If it means Gaia gets more money to help continue to grow the site, I don't see a problem with it. I'm kinda excited to see what sort of feature they may be adding that users have wanted for such a long time... can't be a Wedding feature, since Uncle Kenny said something about that in the past, already. Actual Battle System? Avatars fighting avatars ah la Scullgirls style? /dreams can happen... SHUT UP! >.>

Anywho, I'm excited overall. heart
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Hitched Sweetheart

I hope the TV show is Once Upon A Time, the outfit! Plus all of this was informative and has me excited to see the new updates and coming changes! Summer event better have water balloons. Bl
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Lapine Lequesne

The bra looks infinitely better on someone with boobs.

User Image

It doesn't actually fit either of the models in question. Along with the fact that I'd assume the back is too loose to be supportive, the girl in the video doesn't fill out the cups at all & the girl in the gif has breast tissue migrating out everywhere. (Okay... that was totally off-topic)

My interest in apps ended ages ago. I have a 2nd gen? iPod touch which I wouldn't even own if it wasn't for the fact that my sister gave it to me when she got a new one, and I have a solitaire app, and I play Words with Friends with my mum (I realise that Zynga is possibly the root of all evil, but it's a good way for us to socialise, and anything to encourage my mum to be more tech-savvy is good). So, I can't say I have any interest at all in any of Gaia's new apps.

A board game could be interesting though. I wonder what sort of game it will be? Will it be primarily chance based (like Snakes and Ladders, the ultimate game of chance) or will it involve heavy strategy, or will it be a mix of the two? Will it involve our traditional Gaia NPCs and will it use regular canon or ZOMG canon, or some other alternate version of events? Will it be Frontier Skies? emotion_awesome . US Board games are always cheaper than what I can buy in Australia, so as long as they don't pick a ridiculous price-point, I may pick one up. I like board games. I like them even better if they're designed to be fun for 2 people. There's only so many times you can play Scrabble, and I suck at console games.

MLP sponsorship? 4laugh *starts making popcorn* Okay, I know the sponsor hasn't been confirmed, but that's the only US show that I have any interest in. So I have hope for more ponies. And other pony paraphernalia.

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Wicked Girl

Thanks for the info! I was hopin' somebody would post the Convention Panel info. ( I was at Sakura Con but ya know....canceled panel and all....)

Bah another Facebook game. ....well if it makes 'em money that's cool.
and I don't think I would ever play/buy a Gaia Board game. Well maaaaaaybe if it was a chess set. That's the only board game I play these days.

Lookin' forward to the Summer Event. emotion_bigheart
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I'm thinking that some sort of PvP / Battle system (not zOMG!) is the long awaited feature. I remember hearing a lot about that throughout the years. I'd buy a Gaia board game if it was like a simplified version of Heralds. And for the new sponsor, I'm really feeling Supernatural (even though they were rejected previously apparently) or some other Sci-Fi show. Arrested Development pops into mind too, but that's just my own desires.
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new FB and app games, new rig, new board game...nothing about updates to Gaia's map, huh? emo
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I just want everything to happen. yum_puddi
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Thanks for the info.

I'm intrigued by news of a Gaia boardgame. I would definitely pick it up.

I'm surprised that there isn't a card game out.

Still considering the amount of NPCs, they'd have a lot to draw from. In terms of factions, you could break it down by town, by creature type, or both. That is assuming of course that they use any of the NPCs for this game.
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fire monkey95
summer event sounds like towns 2 to me

Please let it be this. Towns 2 is so bright and cheerful. Really enjoyed chatting and messing around with fellow Bartonites in it after the 2k12 Rejected Olympics. xd

About the app/games. Eh. I have an old Motorola Razr V3 so, yeah... no fancy phone games for me. emotion_awesome

I think Gaia should just make their own Merch shop. They could sell the board game in it, plus other Gaia stuff. Pleeeeease? emotion_kirakira
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n o i r i s t
fire monkey95
summer event sounds like towns 2 to me

Please let it be this. Towns 2 is so bright and cheerful. Really enjoyed chatting and messing around with fellow Bartonites in it after the 2k12 Rejected Olympics. xd

About the app/games. Eh. I have an old Motorola Razr V3 so, yeah... no fancy phone games for me. emotion_awesome

I think Gaia should just make their own Merch shop. They could sell the board game in it, plus other Gaia stuff. Pleeeeease? emotion_kirakira
if they had a proper merch shop, not like the one they have now, id use it all the time
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

I am now intrigued. It seems some of these updates will be interesting and I cannot wait to see them!

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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American TV show hm?

how about Game of Thrones? I think i would diiie if that happened lol.

haven't been interested in a sponsor rig since FMA

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