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J-Corp, Assemble!

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The Iron Magus
The Iron Magus

There was a kickstart for a big Halloween bash Lord Jack was going to put on. Instead,we got a battle between him and the Easter Bunny. You'd join a team and fight other people. It was fun,but it feels like we wasted our money. In the event comic, Halloween town was destroyed. I would like to see it rebuilt.

That sucks. Can you link me to the comic? I can't seem to find it.

The True Enemy

It's part of a Bunny's lament.

So they created Halloween Town... left it unused and unmentioned for YEARS... and then when they finally get around to acknowledging its existence... they do a big lead-up to make everyone excited... and then THEY EFFING DESTROY IT?!

What the HELL gaia. emotion_0A0 I don't... I can't even... WHY?!

My thoughts exactly. If you look on the world map,you can see where it used to be.

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Yeah, I noticed. -_-
It's depressing.

I know blowing stuff up is Gaia's thang, but come on...
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*Lily walks into the JCorp kitchen with an armful of supplies. She clears of one of the tables with a sweep of her arm and drops her supplies on top of it. Apples roll down the table as butter, flour and spices hit the surface. She walks over to the oven and turns it on to pre-heat it.*

It's going to be officially Autumn in a day or two. It's. Time. For. Pies! yum_pie yum_pie yum_icecreampie yum_pumpkinpie yum_pie yum_pie

*She walks over to the cabinets and starts pulling out bowls and measuring cups and knives and the marble rolling pin. Gathering everything up in her arms, she returns to the work table. After piling the apples into the giant pottery bowl, she begins making short-crust pastry for the pies, humming 'This is Halloween' very low, almost under her breathe.*

(why are there no musical note emoticons???)

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