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It's been over a year since I've logged into my Gaia account. Clicking around the site it seems a new and very changed place. There are bits and pieces that remind me of the old Gaia I remember but at the same time it still seems completely different.

So my fellow Gaians, what's the longest break you've taken from Gaia and did you get back into it?

I'm going to the auction house to see if my donation items are worth anything
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Longest break id say was a few months. Sadly gaia's changing and I can't tell if its for the Better yet or not or if I'm just getting old. sweatdrop good to have you back though.
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Salty Phantom

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Probably about 5 months early last year, as I was between homes and without the net. I missed an event or so, but not a lot changed. And once I had the net I came back. xd
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Longest break was 7 days. And that's just 'cause I was chillin' in Shibuya that week. Soon as I got back to the States, I hopped onto the 'net via some rent-a-computer and shot a PM to the husband saying I'll be home soon.
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The longest I've been gone, if memory serves, was probably about a year.

I leave Gaia all the time, mainly out of boredom or being busy with life. Sometimes I come back to a better site, sometimes not. Over the years it is hard to tell.
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Welcome back!

I was off and on for a few years, but I always come back.
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To Whom It May Concern,

I went on a haitus for a year but now I'm back for good

I missed so many awesome things gonk


Lady Xem
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My longest break was a total of three weeks due to work.
I simply did not have access to a computer for that period of time.
It went pretty well, work kept me busy, but when I finally got back I logged on and promised never to leave again <3
Sure, I'll alternate between accounts, but I'm still here.
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I hiatused a while ago. I'm probably back for good now, but I never quite know, and I've not fully reestablished myself here yet. I totally should get on that. But I'm also a lazy, lazy little rainbow helicopter.
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since I rock-n-rollllllled! Oh, sorry, got carried away.

I think the longest for me was the majority of a year, off and on. I probably logged in like 10 times or less during the whole year. That was awhile ago though, and if anything I'm even more addicted then when I first came back from that semi-hiatus. I just can't let go. xd Save me!
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I just came back from a 6 year break. It's amazing how some things have changed, yet most of the core things have stayed the same...
Mine has to be a year and a half. I am in the same boat as you; I logged back on and felt like I was lost for the first time. Just found out about Edmund! crying He is my favorite NPC but hopefully we will see him again soon heart
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About 9 months for health reasons but sporadically due to boredom XD
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i'm trying to get back into gaia but haz no friends =
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Dangerous Rogue

Only been gone a year; hasn't changed their avatar since 2006.

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