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Shirtless Loverboy

For me it's items that were given to me by other people, they mean the most.
Seal Slippers. They were my first MC/DI and I love them now just as much as I did nearly a decade ago.
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Fashionable Reveler

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My fox ears and tail. They belong on this avi.
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Hallowed Healer

Kiki kitty: given to me by a kind anonymous Gaian when my cat died. It reminds me of my cat as well as the kindness of strangers.

Cavalier King Charles: my dog is a cavalier as well, so hence why it's sentimental.

Angelic Bracelets: first item I ever quested for and attained. I didn't have to quest for that long since they were only 12k back in the day, but still ^^
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All of the items in my invo actually.
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Wealthy Genius

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Honestly, I can never get rid of anything. xD I'm a pack rat, so I find myself thinking, what if I want it again someday and it's expensive?

The grombie skin is something I cherish, though. Even though they re-released it, it's still such a core part of my Gaian identity. <3
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Fashionable Powerhouse

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Even though they're inexpensive and outdated, my original Fox ears and Fox Tail I can never part with. I still wear them on occasion but they were the very first items I got back in 2004 and I've loved them ever since
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Magical Nerd

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Any items that have horns in it like:

Black Sheep
Golden Fleece
Demon Manifest

And weirdly enough: Taja. I've tried so hard to get myself to sell the thing, but I never do...
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Ciel: Agape. I just love using the scissors- it's so fun to have an item that can change the look of so many others! heart
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Sparkly Explorer

Probably Golden Laurels. ;3 I quested super hard for them! Or dragon helm, it's my favorite item on Gaia and the first item I quested but a Gaian gave it to me, haha. I was super shocked and will never let it go! <3
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Apocalyptic Codger

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Layla and Majnun because I fell in love with the story behind them. In terms of items I use a lot my Nightmare gen 7th and Compass of Seidh gen 8 because I use them a lot. I have built whole outfits around those two. Also anything I have with wigs or contacts. Love those items.
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Angelic Nymph

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I'm a hoarder. I pretty much keep everything!
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SC:Agape rofl
I bought mine when the REI first came out and it wasn't crazy expensive.

the uses of this item will NEVER end.

Although it's finally been re-released, I also will not ever sell my angelic pendant. It was the first large item I ever quested for, and holds strong sentimental value.

- - - -- ---
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Beloved Bloodsucker

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bitter porridge. The hair goes with everything....and it is one of the colors I use most often,
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Witty Ladykiller

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I will never sell my Golden Laurels <3

My favorite item on the site and the one I finally got years after joining.

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