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Even with the constant release of new items, especially this year, you
find yourself debating whether to sell it or not? Tbh, it's silly of me
but the items i can never part with are usually give to me by people
who quit or helped me get it. Even if it's a game it still means a lot
so i can never part with them.

How about you guys? Which Items have you always had ,but never had
the heart to sell based on what I said? Does it hold sentimental value
or is it an item you've been questing for a while?

gaia_kittenstar gaia_star
Out of my many quest of big items, back when the pale marionette came out has to be it.
When I saw it, I just had to get it but I had no gold haha
I zOMG'd hardcore for a long time and got it through hard work and having fun with friends.

I have bigger items in my inventory... but most came from merchanting and exchanging which was a very boring process.
I really enjoyed zOMG and all the friends and fun times I've made there. It felt like a huge accomplishment and I can't let it go.

What's yours?
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When I started dating my boyfriend, around that time he gifted me Serene Green and White Delight as they were new in the cash shop!
I could never part with them as they mean so much to me and have a high sentimental value!
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I hope I never sell my Zodiacal
I've bought and resold a few gens for profit, but other than that I can't let go of it forever. It's so damn versatile and a lot of my outfits would be defunct without it.
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Perfect Saint

So many. My Horns and NMBH haven't left since 04 My DT, Dark Halo and mole, around 06. There are some relatively recent additions, but I'll try not to get too attached to them.
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Scarlet Mist
I love the lips. Its the only makeup item I think works well for my skin :]
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Pretty much everything that was ever given to me as a gift from a friend. Even if I don't wear the item just seeing it in my inventory reminds me of them, some of whom I have not spoken to in years, and lets me think of them affectionately. Each and every friend I've had is a blessing so selling something that reminds me of them would be a waste.
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Adored Darling

Cerynitian's Blessing - gift I got from a best friend before he just disappeared off the face of the earth

Kanoko's Nightmares - as a newb, everything was fresh and rosy and dewy and new. I saw this item and immediately thought it looked a lot like my hair. My sister made the beautiful dream avatar I used it in. I couldn't believe I finished such an impossible and daunting quest for it, and I could never part with it after that.

Those are the two main ones I can never see myself without. Even when I liquidate my account and buy art before quitting, these items are the ones that will gather dust and turn to ash after I leave.
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The Coyote Brothers.
I spent a long time questing the little darlings, and I'm never getting rid of them.
Another item that I'll never part with are 'Those 90s Black Gloves'.
They were the first item I bought on Gaia back in '05, and I still use them a ton with my outfits. *u*
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Shameless Nerd

There are several items in my inventory that I'll never get rid of. My piggy plush (first item I ever bought off the MP), my longcat scarf and demonic mood bubble (both items were among the first I ever quested for), my Lucky the cat and Kokutan ( who stood in for Lucky for so long that I got attached) and a shark tooth drop I got in zOMG! the one and only time I helped defeat Landy (before they nerfed him). There are other items I have that I really like but these are the ones I'm never getting rid of.
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Fluffy Faun

some of my snakes, but more importantly, my body hair and faun legsssssss

mostly because I feel incomplete without them, especially my faun legs.

I try being human

but it always freaks me out emo
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Goodgosh, I can't sell anything in my inventory. I mean, I still have my starter peasant set. rofl

Though, if I had to give a reason for a few...
Fallen Star, for starters. I rarely use it nowadays but I could never part with it because it was my
first large quest on Gaia and many people helped me out with it. And although he doesn't make
many appearances in my avi these days, I also could never sell my Chiaroscuro SDPlus doll.
He's my favorite RIG character and the item was a gift from a dear friend. <3
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My R.Dtail and my succubus items. If red HOTD come out I might have to change my horns from Azarael to them.

I thought I could part with my Saint Ciel items, but turns out I miss them horribly. D: I want to get them back someday!
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The one item I'll probably never sell? Chyaku Norisu Scarf.
It was my first item I quested for. Even though the shading is weird, doesn't match anything and the hairbow isn't centered half the time, it's still precious to me. Also because I was able to afford it back then because I got lucky and found two Pink Magical Giftboxes and sold them for 60K each.

Also the Long Drag because I remember saving up tickets to get one and when I was only 1000 tickets away from getting one, Gaia enacted the Cig ban. I was hella pissed. scream
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My Angel Back Wings Tattoo. Only I know it's there, but I feel completely nude without it.

I originally wore it to fill the void of the site not having actual backwings. Then those monstrosities of pure gorgeousness were released and I realized I was too poor to afford them.

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