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                      What I mean is... It seems like the Major staff doesn't seem to mind the Huge growth of the gold exchange rate. Items are so Expensive nowadays, and the Alchemy things are ridiculous.
                      I just don't even know what to say about the alchemy stuff.I'm not really angry, just very... sad.
                      It's honestly depressing to know that I will never have half the things on my wish list. Or even like 2%! XDD
                      There was a gewd 2+ years where I visited Gaia so rarely because I was so discouraged.
                      I guess I still am. But I digress. I'm not what this is about. Shoganai.

                      I just wanted to know, since it seems somewhat obvious the
                      The Staff, Devs, & Admins back the growth of WHOW-ness::
                      Is this how things will always be? Should I just get used to it?
                      And is it okay that I feel this way about the whole thing?
                      (( You know, like all; bleh, and out of sorts. ))
                      I know it's stupid to let this get me down but.. I figured I'd at least ask.

                      And maybe ask for advise to help me find the site fun again, that won't require me to spend more than 9oooG. (( Or play the MMO. The Gold cap just depressed me more. Lol XD ))

                      Also does the Site need A LOT of money to keep running?
                      It's come a long way and it's a lot bigger than it used to be so I'm curious about that.

                      ..... I think I need a hug. ; n ;

                      EDIT:: in;bf The Staff doesn't answer questions here, it's community run;; It's okay I know that.
                      I still would like any advise you could give. Thank you! <3

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From what I've seen, Gaia employs an economist to deal with the economy issues, and they do pay close attention and care with the economy. If a feature produces too much gold, it often gets nerfed, like Bootygrab and aquariums when they first started. Or even the gold cap in zOMG! you mentioned. Too much gold causes inflation because each unit of gold becomes worth less the more gold there is. If features kept pumping out more and more gold, items would raise in price to suit.

Staff do not usually answer questions here, they can sometimes. but it's unlikely.

If you have specific feedback you wish to give Gaia about this, I recommend heading over to Site Feedback forum and posting your feedback there. Though most will suggest what I have, that the economy is a fine balance between how much to give users for free, and how much they need to work for to want to stay on site.

It's quite tricky but Gaia isn't sitting idly on it.

As far as I know, Gaia does need a fair bit of money to run, servers cost money and the more features and members there are, the more has to sit on a server.

Edit: This was in Q&A when it first appeared, that's why my answer seems unusually ... suggesty.
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Ah, yes. The Gaia economy woes. I cannot see the economy changing any time soon. You'll adjust. Give it time.

There is no gold cap in zOMG technically if that's what you mean. You'll always earn gold. It just takes more time and less comes to you. There's other ways to increase that through gold potions or donating to the site.

Oh, all sites need money to run. Servers are never free.

The biggest thing to remember is this is still a community site. Socialising is still free. Oh, and don't forget the AtA meetings. If you'd like your voice heard more that would be a good start.
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Just to shed some light on the deal with Alchemy: it's not a feature intended to earn people a profit. It's quite the opposite.
Alchemy is a feature for so-called 'hard-core' Gaians who are willing to spend a lot of time and gold into a prestigious status.
It may offer some form of profit in the long run, but it takes a lot to get there.

So if you're a casual Gaian, there's no need to pay it any attention.

Gaia is what you make of it, and you should do what you enjoy doing. 3nodding
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Ugh, I'm not straining my eyes to read that crap.
Your post is goddamn hard to read.

The marketplace has been practically untouched for 4 years. To the admins and developers, all they need to do is keep a 2% tax on it then say "The rest is up to them."

Items are only as expensive as inflaters and vendors make it. Makes it hard to get specific items, yeah, but in this particular case you should blame the people, not the government.

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Oh ffs. Even clicking the quote button didn't make it easier to read.

I'll just answer the topic's title.

Yes. If they felt it needed tweaking in an area, they would do it. Either by putting a gold cap on something or creating multiple gold sinks.
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Actually, I think if you ignore alchemy, the MP has been pretty stable these past few years..
When was that tanksite ban?

I'm not sure exactly what it takes to keep this site afloat
butyeah I recall something along the lines of "alchemy's for the people who deserve it, you don't" being pretty douchily stated by one or two staffers
and I'm guessing that's prettymuch accepted by most people now
Inflation comes from both sides: The gold you make, and the gold you spend. It's easy to say "But that item was only 10,000g in 2004!" while it's more difficult to understand that in 2004, that amount of gold took months of daily posting to gain.

I will admit, I don't like that regular forum posting earns you so little compared to playing the games. It is no doubt to get people interested in the games, but I still think of Gaia as a forum, and as such feel a bit sad that foruming is so undervalued by the gold system.

That said, I see a number of items worth around 150k on your wishlist. One or two is 50k. One is 15k. 15k can be earned within one day of playing zOMG or Booty Grab. I do understand wanting items, but if you are asking for a 20 million gold item then you shouldn't be surprised that it is somewhat difficult to achieve; that's a bit of a life lesson.
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Sadly you will have to get used to it. Like RIG bundles will always be around 700k to 900k and as time goes on they will increase in price. Some may drop, but nothing is going to be around the small 200k to 400k or something like that.
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Inflation is a separate issue to alchemy, but the MPs prices have been fairly stable since Booty Grab and zOMG have been nerfed.

The reason the back wings are expensive isn't due to Market Place inflation, but is due to the complexity, difficulty (failed alchemy attempts can cost 1 million at a go in the final stages) and rarity of the items that go into making them.
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So what you're saying, is you don't enjoy the site because you can't buy nice things?

Well then, you should join T3h Vending Guild.
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The staff is doing things to reduce the amount of inflation. However, it is a difficult process, and gold sinks and gold caps take a long time to show progress.

You can make a lot of good avatars for very cheap. Over the holidays I ran a contest to make an avatar for 1000 gold. I got lots of interesting entries with a variety if avatar styles. You can check out my favorite entries here. Perhaps that will give you some ideas.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.They are. They set forth a marketplace in which they let the users run it.

The users are running the marketplace.

I think that sums up their intent pretty well.

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