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Omg I'm such a badass and internet tough guy, something didn't offend me personally so no one should be upset! rolleyes

I know being "offended" by anything makes you really uncool nowadays but this isn't like bigots being offended by something harmless like gay marriage or non-white people living near them.
This can cause actual to someone and I don't see why certain people want to demonise others for feeling hurt or wanting to protect the vulnerable?
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I'm not saying people shouldn't feel offended or upset, I don't have that right.

Personally, though, I'm fat and I've spent many nights crying about my body. I'm not comfortable with how I look because I haven't always been this way.

I looked at that survey and it didn't bother me in the least bit. Nor do I think that heads should roll for it.
no because I'm just chubby fat according to the poll.

and I'm okay with that

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I'm fat and it did not offend me.

It did leave me with a sick feeling.

Knowing some people I have encountered on this site would take offence, some people are in dark places as well. This showed 0% thought and could have caused some serious issues with some users.
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I wasn't offended, but I do think it definitely was in bad taste. I was also surprised at the amount of uproar it received. I agree with what everyone else seems to be thinking: I think it's just been built up tension with the userbase and said tension being released through the survey mix up

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