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I wish gaia inventory would implement something similar to tektek where you could use a drop down for colors.

My inventory sorting method is a bit chaotic
1- animated items
2- MC's (I try to go by year)
3- EI's by quantity - this is where it starts to get messy because I loose any that I only have 1 of.
4- Rig by color - Unless I am looking at my entire inventory not 'accessories' 'bottoms' etc then I can find what I'm looking for, otherwise I type in the name of the item to find it.
5- commons by color - not as hectic as one may think as I just spent a good portion of yesterday getting rid of my commons.
6- junk that promotional crap-o-la that's worth like 1-5g.

One thing I did do was in front of the animated items I now keep items I use very frequently. Once I stop using them as often I'll file them away.
my inventory is made up of 7 pages, not including game, zomg, aquarium and special items.. gonk
i've tried countless times trying to organize it, but it's just way too much. x - x;
so i just leave it in a mess.. hoping that the inventory organizer will be updated so it will be easier to organize in the future.
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I think the problem in this case is re-adjusting to the newness of your invo. I'm too a**l to not have things organised at least somewhat.

Personally though I organise my stuff based on type, and usually the size and position of item. I alphabetize all my handheld items because there's no way I could organise it in any other way. It took me a while to get used to at first, but I started to recognise where everything is placed. Something like that.

I guess the biggest thing is though is whatever works for you. Which isn't going to be the same as everyone else.
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    REIs and EIs can be interesting to sort in my inventory, since their representative sprite can range from an emblem to... a spoon.

    so when are we getting an updated inventory system
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I've never felt the need to organize my inventory, however cluttered and messy it may be, because I'm familiar enough with the little amounts of items I have. redface
When my friend organized her inventory (by colour) into a rainbow, I did the same because it looked better than just having random items everywhere. After a while, I got used to my newly organized inventory again. :3
On my main account (when it had a lot of items) I used to organize the entire thing while viewing all of the types of items at once into Hats, Tops, Pants etc, then organize it again into Multi-pose items first, then categorize the hats or tops into types of hats and tops. After awhile I would get used to where each icon was and it makes it easier to find a specific item if it's next to similar items.

It seems like a lot of work but once you sit down and do it once, you only need to update it if you keep buying more items.
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I haven't looked at my inventory in over a year now, and I don't think I want to. It's probably a huge, disgusting mess. xD

It's still small enough to manage when dressing my avi, so I guess I don't care too much as to what it looks like in the invo screen.
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I tried organizing mine a few days ago. -0- Did not work. I ended up just separating the items by "nice, high end items I use often" towards the bottom and everything else at the top. xD
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i stopped trying to organize mine after a while. i usually try to have all the same items together by trading it with my mule and sending it back but now i've gotten used to my inventory i kinda know where each items are located. it really would be nice to have an auto-sort by type feature.
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What I do is I first organize my items by "type". I then drag items of the same type into the storage locker. From within the storage locker, I then sort by color. When I am done, I have to sort my inventory to #, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list, and drag my color sorted items from my locker to the last line in my inventory. Follow through with the rest of the types of items until you have all types sorted and accounted for.

When I am I done, my inventory looks pretty nice. It's sorted by both type of item and color. I only have three pages of inventory (very close to four though) so I'm sure some people may find this process time consuming. It works for me. heart
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I organize everything by color, but I really don't know why I bother. I wear, at the most, maybe 20 of the thousands of items I have. If I was smart I would just put all my favorite items at the top and call it a day.
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The easiest way is to purge items like there's no tomorrow.
I sort what I have left by colour. It's not the most functional way to do it,
but at least it looks nice.
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That's funny, because I felt the same way recently.
I reached my third page and thought: Okay, lets organize after colors.
Also, premium items and gold shop items are separated.
I have a friggin rainbow now as a inventory, but can't find anything anymore between the skittles.

How much do I wish they'd give us a better organizer, gnnnnn
They'll be getting around to it this year, apparently... I'm excited for a new arranger because it means that I'll finally be able to organize my inventory without getting a migraine. Seriously, the IA is wayyy to out-of-date.
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mine was arranged by worth... about one hundred purchases ago.
now i just sort of shove stuff wherever and try and keep my shinies at the top haha!

we need a new arranger desperately.
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I did the colour thing too and found the same problem. I don't make matching avatars as such. Colour organisation is a silly way for me to have thought to organise.

It was more useful to me to remember things from when I bought them, so I'd know roughly in the list of items where they were.

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