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          That happens to me every time I organize my inventory. I still do it anyway, I just use tektek to find stuff instead.
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My organization system is fairly simple: Animated Items first, then EIs, REIs, MCs, Cash-shop items, RIG items, event items, gold-shop items.
Within each item type section: AIs are organized by most used to least used; EIs, REIs, and MCs are organized by release date; Cash shop items are organized with favorites first; RIGs go from most to least expensive (approximately, they are grouped by price range mostly); event items aren't organized, because I only have a few in my main inventory (the rest are in storage), and gold shop items are organized by the order the tabs are in the dress up page, with sets together (all my different color elven circlets sit nicely in a row).

Woah, well after writing that all out it doesn't seem so simple anymore. sweatdrop

I tend to organize once a month, I usually have a new row of items by then to put in their place. Once you get a system set up its really easy to maintain, and you'll get used to where the items are really quickly - after I set my invo up it took no more than a week to reorient myself.

I wish you luck organizing your inventory! I know it can be a very daunting process, especially with the current really old inventory arranger (I think an update for that is planned for this year?).
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Since there are so many items that have about every color (EIs, RIG items) I prefer to organize by type of item:
RIG items
Background items
Commons (Accesories, skirts, pants, blouses, etc)
Event items
Halloween and christmas

I still have stuff disorganized but its pretty much items i never use nor care to trash and they're at the end of my inventory.
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I don't really organize my inventory, save for one thing: I keep all my multi-pose items near the top of the list. This is so it's easier to use them in dress-up, as I don't have to scroll so much to look at all of the poses. Also so that I don't accidentally call up the item preview bar at the bottom.

But I only do that every couple of months, usually when a new item bugs me with its pose window.
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For the longest time my inventory was just categorized by colour. Eventually I had a hard time finding things so I sorted by colour and item type (except for EIs and MCs, which I organize alphbetically). It's better, but I still find tektek way easier to handle.
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Mines ridiculously small sad

But that's from selling items to get other items.

As far as organizing, I've got a decent system but half the time it still takes a while to find what I'm looking for.
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I often arrange it by the expensive/most used items first and crap items last. But can't be bothered lately. D:
Doubles or more of worthless items goes into my locker.
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I can find everything in my inventory pretty easily. I sorted all the clothes by type, like underwear > corsets > tank tops > t-shirts > dresses, etc... And everything that I find ugly, I just toss to the end of each section so it'll be quicker to find and sell. X3

It did take a REALLY F*CKING LONG TIME to organize my whole inventory the first time, though. I had to do it over a few days. XD

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i make gold shops, mc's, ei and then rig items but by head, torso, legs like you :3

i am at this PRECISE moment organizing mine, getting rid if all the crap
i made 300k in gold shop sellbacks -.-
i have so much crap i don't use anymore and after a 2 year hiatus, i just wanna clean

please give us a new arranger already 'cause i've been there for HOURS D:

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did

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LOL it's almost impossible to organize by color. some items have like 3 different colors on them gonk

I tried organizing by alphabetical order, but I couldn't find anything after that XD so now I try organizing by their shape, then alphabetical order. like I have all my hats and caps in a section, then organize those items within that section.

I feel pretty lame spending hours organizing pixels, but I like organizing stuff emo
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I feel your pain. I've kept mine organized front he beginning, so I try to put new things in their place as soon as I receive them. The only downside is that mine'sso big that it takes a while for the page to load after moving each item, so organizing10 items may take as long as 20 minutes! ;-;
My main problem is it has gotten to the point where I can no longer keep track of all the poses for every item. I am often left with a pose of an item I know I want to equip but for the life of me can not remember what item it is located in. emotion_facepalm
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Krissim Klaw
My main problem is it has gotten to the point where I can no longer keep track of all the poses for every item. I am often left with a pose of an item I know I want to equip but for the life of me can not remember what item it is located in. emotion_facepalm

I HATE that! scream
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Anyone else remember when there was no inventory arranger and the only way to organize your inventory was to start a trade, load the items into it, and then cancel the trade?

This would move all the items to the bottom of your inventory. IT WAS SO TEDIOUS

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