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Lazarus Larkin
Lazarus Larkin

Five minutes?! What browser are you using? I've found that IE works much more smoothly than Firefox. But I've never had either one take a full five minutes.

But, it's not the browser. It's the size of my inventory. lol

I have 15 pages of items...

I have yet to meet anyone with a bigger inventory than mine sweatdrop

Grab the item in the very bottom and attempt to drag it to the top.
It'll take a while.

Sure, but not five full minutes. Maybe two.

Two minutes, five minutes.
The point is that it's a pain in the a**.
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I have really really wanted to organize my inventory somehow but like you it is so large and I feel like I would not be able to find anything ever again. So I just tell myself it is in chronological order and let it be. XD
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i organized my inventory years ago and it took me like. a week maybe. :U
(lots of homework was ignored during the process)
i didn't organized by colour because i realized that ei's and rigs have different poses in them that aren't the colour of the ei icon and then i'm like akaljas. so now i just organize everything from mc, ei's+rei's, rigs, gc, events, free stuff, gs, gemstone collection, and holiday events. been doing fine ever since. i think i find it a bit easier for me to play with my inventory when i have all the rigs and stuff at the top, because they're the items i usually gravitate to and they have more poses in them. whereas gs items only have one pose so yah. just organize them in their own little section. omg idk. QQ
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I feel your pain. No matter how many times or ways to organize my invo, I still go on a goose chase to find things. I wish Gaia will create something to make it easier to find stuff, like the invo page. Everything tucked away in tabs accordingly.
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I arranged mine like a rainbow once, and I should do it again. The first bit is super rainbowed and the second half is a shmozzle.

I should fix it but I'm the laziest mother ******** in the southern hemisphere...
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I've never tried to organize mine, but I really should. It is seriously confusing to find stuff. I think I need to start sorting by color or theme. sweatdrop
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I have stuff pretty organized. I have 2000 something items right now and most items are in their correct spot. I have everything organized on tab (hats/tops/etc.), but first I have all CS items (which I use the most) and everything is organized into colour within those tabs. Only the last 20 items or so aren't organized yet. Speaking of which. I'll fix that right now!
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I only have 5 pages of items but my first attempt at organising was such a pain that I won't do it again.
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My invo is an organised mess, it's pretty much a mess organised in a way only I understand but I can find the stuff I want.

I know some of my friends organise by type (eis, reis, mc, misc tops, misc bottoms, etc) and then within each type they organise by colour? I dunno if that would work for you?
You could try it
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Holy ********, no. I gave up when you could no longer move multiple items around at once. (Why did you ever ******** with this, Gaia?) I... I can't imagine anyone bothering with it and I feel bad for the OP. Real bad.
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I used to organize, but it's just not worth it xd
Things get sorted out in the dressing room anyway. Good enough.
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I used to bother with organizing. Now there's just too much stuff.
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"...of the crooked timber of humanity...

The current inventory organiser is terrible... I wish we could just click the icons and move them around.

I have my items arranged by price... all cash shop type items by price and and kind of sub-grouped by theme, then a bunch of Halloween items, then a bunch of gold shop items. Oh, here's a picture...

User Image

As you can see, I haven't gotten around to organising the last couple of rows.

...no straight thing was ever made."
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I know I've only got a bit over 1k items, but I've found that I haven't really needed to organize them at all. I know where they are, because they're in the order I got them. I suppose it comes of only getting a few items at a time, so there is always an item that reminds you where the one you're looking for is.
I keep all event and sponsor items in the storage, which probably a third of my inventory, so that helps too.

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