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Romantic Lover

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  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
  • Somebody Likes You 100
  • Conventioneer 300
I want to nominate my avatar and aquarium.
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Gracious Trader

I'll nominate my avatar. ^^
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Shameless Autobiographer

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i guess ill nominate my avatar
it couldnt hurt now can it?
I nominate my avatar. 4laugh
I'll nominate my avatar, I guess.
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Diamond Gatekeeper

I'd like to nominate both my avatar and aquarium heart
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Friendly Shapeshifter

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  • Nerd 50
  • Pie Feeder 50
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Ah hell, why not? I'm bored.

I nominate my avatar.

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i'd like to nominate my avatar 3nodding
I'd like to nominate my avatar.
I nominate my horribly disfigured and mangled avatar.
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Versatile Vampire

7,950 Points
  • Millionaire 200
  • Survivor 150
  • Tooth Fairy 100
Oh, my! There are so many wonderful avatars here!


Nevertheless, I shall nominate my own avatar, as well. It's worth a shot, at least.


User Image
I'd like to nominate my avatar.
YourAzureGoddess's avatar

Perfect Pants

Though I really do enjoy my avatar, I'd like to nominate these aquariums as being consistently lovely and enjoyable to play Booty Grab on:

1. Armpit Lady (this is quite possibly one of the best if not the best aquarium out there. alot of decorations, an attractive set up, good fish. This player has done an immense amount of work on thier tank)

2. Visvajit Stardust (Very nice decoration, well planned)

3. Amaryllis Van Ostaijen (Space tank, ftw.)

Worth a look:
O6 Mustang (Neat decor, interesting color scheme)
HubbaBubbaTrubba (nice clean design, balanced decoration)
Champion Cherry (everything matches well, very peaceful and put together)
Dorei Kitten (Thematic and attractive)
lildinkums (a lot of work went into this aquarium)
-pleonastic- (sushi theme!)
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9,500 Points
  • The Perfect Setup 150
  • Tooth Fairy 100
  • Brandisher 100
I would like to nominate Vampy_Eriesha O_o for her lovely tank. It's a really well done riot of color.

Many tanks look nice, but not distinctive. Hers is.

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