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I can't really compete with some of the avvies here buuuuuut...

I'd like to nominate my avatar.
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I want to nominate my profile for featured avatar because I just published the novel that I've been promoting since I started here and now I want to bring people to my profile so that they can learn more about it and follow the new link to createspace and purchase the book if they are interested. If this should go through the advertising department, have someone over there contact me and I'll be happy to comply with TOS from there. But still, can I be a featured avatar?

I still want to be featured avatar and I want to make my thread in the Promotions Forum to be a featured thread. It's titled "7th Moon, finally published". The book is now on Amazon.com, and seriously, the Gaia Online membership represents my target audience, so I need people to see this.

I'm not giving up until I get this.
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Greedy Consumer

I'd like to nominate my Avatar. heart
I want to nominate my avatar. <3
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Indulgent Connoisseur

            I would like to nominate my avatar C:
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Festive Prophet

Nominate my avatar... Can't really compete with everyone But I want to try.
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ill nominate my avi <3 smile
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I'd like to nominate my avi. biggrin
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I would like to nominate my avatar in support of the Barton Town Police Department.
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I want to nominate my avatar heart
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I nominate my avatar twisted
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O.G. Hunter

I nominate that person ^
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PLEASE!!! It's my #1 dream to be featured smile FEATURE MEHHHH xp whee

- yum_tamago
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You can put my avatar or aquarium up if you like.
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I want to nominate me avatar! :3

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