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Romantic Genius

I would like to nominate my avatar. =)
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I always thought a nice wolf avatar would look great on Gaia's homepage...The Were items are cheap and new users won't find themselves struggling to buy them, as opposed to Laurels which are featured in a lot of Gaia ads, but are near impossible to get if you're new to the site...

Still. My profile promotes "secks" so I don't think it would be a very good place to link new poeple to...

By the way, I sort of changed my avatar around earlier today. I might change back unless I start to really like this one.


I have a nice car too :3

-Oh, here's an update.
User Image
I think that'd look cool on the homepage. It's simple and appealing...
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Vicious Cutie-Pie

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  • Gender Swap 100
I'd like to nominate my avatar, I'm really not changing it much at the moment, also, I wouldn't too mind the load on my profile and such. It would be interesting.

Knowing me, I'm now going to mess around and change something. So I won't. I'll definitely try not to. Hahaha.
I'd like to nominate my avatar. As simple as a cosplay it is, I think it's charming. smile
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Demonic Knight

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  • Restorative Spirit 250
  • Demonic Associate 100
  • Tenacious Spirit 250
I'd like to nominate my avatar please~

Edit: Just in case I change my avatar, here's a picture of it.

User Image

I'd also like to nominate any other avi I wear.

Edit 2: Can I nominate my Aquarium as well?
      I'd like to nominate my avatar too, please 8D
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i nominate me because my avatar pretty much rocks mrgreen
User ImageI nominate myself because my avi is the best around and everyone loves me heart .

EDIT: Do you want a very simple avi just like the ones that you have for the ads or are ones like mine ok?
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Shameless Enabler

I nominate my Avi.
It rocks.
Hands down.
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Aged Fatcat

Lemme clean myself up and I'll nominate myself.

EDIT: Yeah! Mine's got the rebellion look going on.
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Moonlight Roisterer

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  • Nudist Colony 200
  • Cheercrusher 50
I believe my demonic business androgyny avatar is full of success and awesome ;D
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Fashionable Fatcat

User Image
User Image User Image User Image

I nominate myself C:

*strokes her ego*
Why not?
I'll nominate my avi... it's a simple black and white. It'd be cool to win, you never know until you try. :3
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  • Dressed Up 200
  • Full closet 200
I nominate my avatar.
Should I like...keep it like this? Or am I free to change it after I've posted?
Edit: Just in case I change it:
User Image
Resident ferret girl, reporting in. Nominating my avatar, that is.

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