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How do you get into the Earth Day Forest?
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Cosmic Summer
How do you get into the Earth Day Forest?
You can go there with the 'smartphone'-thingy in the toolbar at the bottom. It has the earth day forest as a 'Hotspot'. wink
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Alice in wonderland and venus worlds, then I would be a happy camper. :'D
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Hey, another request:

Is it possible to switch the sit button to something else? Making it the Ctrl button kinda makes it annoying when I wanna do ctrl + a to select all text in the message box and I'm constantly sitting and standing during conversation.... >_>

If you can make it like, customizable or like in zomg where the default button is 'K', that would be super cool. This is really my only complaint so far about Towns 2. heart Thanks for your work!
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I think it might be best to continue doing it, but make it spontaneous in releases. Some rooms leave, while others appear elsewhere in secret. Make a Troll room so if someone tries to come to a certain room they will be trolled and is left with a hint were to go find it again, or something crazy like that.
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Dunno if anyone have found Heaven Room yet, but if not, I've found it. It's similar to how you get into Hell Room, except you say "I'm in Heaven" (without the quotation marks.) I was just testing it out to see if saying the name of that song to see if it works or not.
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Gone to heaven, and I'll say this much. If I'm going to remain that small all the time, I've got start to save up for some kid avatar outfits. Also, Hamster sunflowers. I didn't actually stick around the room long enough to pay attention to all the little details, so it was pretty nifty to actually tour it without the music and crowds.

EDIT: Would it be a bit much to ask for the original Zomg Train station back? I know it's not a 'event world' but I enjoyed the appearance and made every attempt to knock the trash cans down like in the movie 'ghost' when I could.

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