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I've only been able to find the earth day forest (which I looove) which makes me depressed I have not found any other easter eggies. I'm so bad at finding things on purpose x]

As for worlds I like... I'm really reaching in my memory, but there was a prom event where we had a limo and a bathroom and the awesome dance floor thingie... I remember it was right around when the elemental wings came out because everyone was super excited about them... gosh I can't remember what year that was.

I'd love to see that again. whee

May 2008 was elemental wings. ;D

And that was the 2008 prom. I loved that limo!
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Now I'm really wondering;
Can you even bring back those sponsor rooms? Some of them were really awesome, so I'm hoping there's not some weird stuff in the contract that says you can't use it again.. wink

And I was wondering if, in the long run, you could also restore/implant the summer event games of 2008? Because they were awesome. emotion_dowant
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I dont go to them often enough to care if they're reused. So permission granted. I liked rainforest the best, but it was insanely difficult to navigate through. I kept hitting some blasted wall every other step.
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I'd really love to see the bathroom from prom again, and one of my other favorites was the flash space used for our werewolf Halloween.
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My computer is too slow to handle flash spaces well, so it doesn't really effect me and I prefer for events to be held outside of flash.
The last event that relied on flash games, I had to pass on. :
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There was a Skittles Race hangout we had one Easter where you had to go through an obstacle course to please the Easter Bunny.
I'd like to see that make a return. c:
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It would be cool if Gaia could make some sort of mini gold sink event out of this. Like how we had Save Our Shops, instead we could vote on which flash space Liam will build into the virtual worlds next, and BAM it gets done! Like, once we Gaians donate a total of 50 million gold into a sink/donation system, Liam will have enough gold to build the flash world we vote on. For the next popular flash world, we have to donate another 30-50mil as a community again...etc. 4 birds with 1 stone tho more work...1) goldsink, 2) you release the most popular voted area first, 3) community aspect, 4) drum up virtual world interest across the site that goes beyond a simple announcement and word of mouth. Instead of an area that's simply viewed as a rehash "this place came from that old event!" it becomes a "this place came from that old event AND it was the flash world we helped build back as a community therefore my ties to this place will only deepen!" *mind games*

I think that would tempt Lazarus Larkin to at least visit the next virtual world space dramallama

I.... can... NOT... tip this enough!!!
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The Fruity Skintimate room, I've always liked that room

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There are many from past events and sponsors I'd love to revisit.. But alas I can't recall where each one was from, is it possible to edit your first post to include them all? Maybe as a voting poll? (unless there's more then 10)
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Just found a video from Prom Crashers 2k8! Make it happen CodeMonkey!!

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It would be great to use the older flash rooms back, as in the very beginning since I'm a 2007 avatar. The main concern is the access of those rooms: Is there a way to access the regular rooms easier and how about the event maps be accessed in seasonally perhaps?

(Offtopic: I know it's a bother but is there a way for anybody to fix my Log-In Chrome problem? I just wanted to know if it's in progress.)
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I'd love to see Gambino Mansion again.
"The Gambino Mansion has gone through numerous incarnations since its first appearance inon Gaia.

Initially just another building drawn on the map, it was opened for The First Gaian Anniversary Ball on February 18 2004"
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In 2004 it was just a forum with unique headers.

Ah, the good old days = )

(well okay not that good, the Halloween event that year lagged so badly it was utterly unplayable for me)
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Not really, it have been done before at least in my perspective. As long as it changed a bit with new dialogue for characters or items or something.
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I vote yes on the Von Helson manor and the Alice in Wonderland as well smile
I also would like to bring up/suggest:
- the other Promageddon rooms (I'm wondering if the DDR dancing game can be implemented maybe like it was during the event?)
- Coca Cola hangouts, at least at Christmas/winter time maybe (there were two kinds, the one with the hills and an older one which had a huggy ice bear and an igloo which we could enter, see below in the spoiler tag)
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

- Venus' Embrace maybe (where you slide down on a statue into the water)
- the night room that was made for the 2k10 Prom and the winner of the prom dress contest was there to pick up (once some mods/admins visited it together, see screenshot below smile )
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

- Skittles? I really liked that as well smile

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