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Yeata Zi
Secret Code is "I'm in Heaven"

biggrin how'd you find it?
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Yeata Zi
Secret Code is "I'm in Heaven"

biggrin how'd you find it?
I went to Towns 2 and started spouting phrases with the word Heaven in them. I was like All dogs go to heaven--NOPE. GO TO HEAVEN--NAWH. Heaven is where the heart is--not that either. Heaven is a place where nothing happens--DAMNIT! And I did it so much eventually a kind stranger took pitty on me and told me the secret phrase. lol.
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Wait's there's a Rose Underground?

And I would love using old rooms! A lot of them were neat if I remember right.
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The prom dance rooms were really neat. and it would be even cooler if we could still do the DDR knock off game.
I think those would be fun to bring back and they would also fit in with virtual hollywood.
you could also bring back a theater for people to sit in.even if it only plays advertisements for stuff on gaia. I liked seat hopping and popcorn throwing.

And of course we aren't bored by them. <3

edit: ooooh you brought the heaven one back. haha
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I may be a 1 inch tall bugman but my love is as big as the world. I don't mind if you squish me but first let me see your "sole" ^///^

Well if there were ways to bring back a few old sponsor rooms aside from just events only, I would love it so much.

For me personally, those ones relating to Alice in Wonderland pop into my mind, especially with me being tiny already. emotion_kirakira

I liked the coca-cola polarbear land. xd
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Aekea Bunny

Can we have a "I'm in Skittles" phrase? smile

Also, have the avatars been shrunk from the last update? They seem more smaller than their surroundings than usual.
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I love that you've brought back some of the old spaces, I think it's a great idea.

I'd love to get back those rooms from the Prom with the DDR game if possible? Even if we don't win anything from it, it was fun.
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Thanks for bringing back these great old spaces. My fave that I'd love to revisit is the merman lagoon with the slide!!!
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I wouldn't mind seeing some old rooms return. s**t, I really loved the Venus garden, (or was it Secret?) if we could get that back I'd be quite happy. heart
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I would love to see the Skittles and Secret worlds come back.
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Now.... er... when will we get to see the city part of Durem, Akea, and Barton? The housing looks great, I love it!
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I would love to see the Venus garden again, I love those merboys.
I think this is a great idea, it's all available in a central hub and not all over the place. XD
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I don't use rooms much myself (save for the occasional dorky "photo" shoot with friends or my bf), but I think you totally should recycle them. Some have been great over the years (that one with the mermen comes to mind). I mean hell, you spent time coding them, why let them go to waste?
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The Venus sponsorship is what lead to me raging so hard I stopped shaving my legs entirely.

3 and a half years or so now. My fuzz is wonderful.

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