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It's Thanksgiving so i'm being nice and giving you the gift of gold!

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Pierced Member

Generally since most items don't fit within my preferred schema, I don't impulse buy.
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Lonely Man-Lover

Pretty much everything in my invo is or was an impulse buy. I'm not much of a planner or quest kind of guy (I get bored of whatever I quest for reallllly quickly once I get it). It works out better for me to just buy things that look nice together on the spot.
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Invisible Lunatic

All the time, though much more controlled now. it's mostly item i thought in good price.

i have several i didn't use and glad for it when inflation hit. all those impulse bought item actually helped me a lot when i can't buy anything. Many item i didn't use is now has a use. I sort of glad I impulse buy a lot of item, if I wait any longer, I won't be able to buy them, like many in my wish list. It's rather muted now, since I started to consider what I buy, but impulse buy's still there. Just on selected item and the price of course, good price always decide it in the end.

I have more item I regret selling now than buying. I managed to sell those item I regret buying, now I regret selling them too soon. Laughing assassin...900k+ (i can get more gold if I delay selling), fading ember (now I want it back,but so expensive), etc.

Avatar of Twilight item, bargain price in 300k, rising price to 500k for a while, then 3M+ O.O
well, I sure doesn't regret it that I bought it the moment I saw the bargain price in MP. I fell in love with the hair.
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Dangerous Sex Symbol

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I will think of a cosplay.

I will create it in tektek.

I will ~try~ to use only items I own.

I will fail.

Bye bye gold.

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Hygienic Cutie-Pie

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Almost all the time especially if I think it's a good price. Most times I regret buying them since I hardly use them but I guess I should thank flynn for helping train me to be more careful with my purchases.
With the current inflated prices...nope. I don't have the gold to impulse buy with.

Before flynn inflation, I did impulse buy.

If I really regretted buying the item, I can sell it.

I am sad I did not buy lamenting lucie.
Impulse buy? I can't even regular buy.

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Perfect Saint

I try not too, but sometimes it just happens. I wimped out with the Marionette Bangs and that pink Rosamund.
I really shouldn't do that. I'm saving up for those black and red wings.
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Shirtless Cat

I used to impulse buy a ton, but now that it's harder to make gold thanks to Flynn, I don't. mad
I regret not buying a lot of things, especially some of the earlier animated items, like the charming blush. I had enough gold to get it, but never did.
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Dedicated Dabbler

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    The cheaper an impulse buy for me, the better. I did buy Rogue Narok on impulse, definitely the most expensive splurge so far. But I wanted to finish my Lightning avatar after so much questing, and I had the funds at the time. Just the cape to go!
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Timid Mage

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I use to impulse buy quite a bit. Now that everything is inflated to all hell, I have to seriously consider each purchase because it requires letting go of items I already own.
Demonic pitchfork will always be the item I regret never purchasing so many years ago. Even if I didn't particularly care for it. As to these days, I do impulse buys all the time. If I find a pose that goes really well with my avatar, I would look at the amount on hand and if it's affordable, purchase it and immediately equip it.
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Noble Bunny

I only really impulse buy if its something I really like and know I can use for a future outfit.

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