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It's Thanksgiving so i'm being nice and giving you the gift of gold!

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Hey GCD sometimes when I go on the MP I see an item I really like, and then I see that it's really cheap and I can't handle myself and I end up buying it. I'm used to focusing on my wishlist and I don't regret buying but nowadays it's just me buying something the first time I see it.

Some spoons (why do they only have spoons? forks get no love here haha)

gaia_spoons Do you impulse buy?
gaia_spoons Is their an item you regret buying?
gaia_spoons Is their an item you regret not buying?
gaia_spoons If you brought anything from the black friday sale, did you buy it on impulse or was an item that was on you're wishlist?
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If it's 200k or under, and especially if it's cheaper than usual, then yeah i buy it sometimes... Usually it's not enough to impact my quests, but temptation does rear its head.
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Lonely Nymph

I used to impulse buy back in...like 09.
Not now, b/c I've started all over. I'm sure if I had the gold for it I'd be impulse buying left and right right now!
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They are called "spoons" because it's alluding to the term "spoon fed," meaning, "To provide (another) with knowledge or information in an oversimplified way." Thus, no forks.

Just saying.
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I did this exactly with The Sandman Dreams. ('Bout a week prior to it being in the BF Sale.)
I generally don't buy items without having an avatar already made with it's use, but I bought it
simply because I liked the combo it made with Divinity Court Lucia's Skirt. (As seen on the left~)
And now I can't use it at all! No matter what avatar I make, it just looks hideous. OTL.
Regrets were made, yo.
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♥ ♥
I've impulse bought a lot of items throughout my Gaian
life. Hell, when I bought Thea doll it was an impulse buy. I had
coveted it for a while and just decided to go for it and not even

Just a week ago I pretty much impulse bought at least 60 mil+
in items. Granted, I only bought like 3 items. LOL this day and
age in Gaia, smh 3 items for 60 mil.

I am about to impulse buy a Hubris item if any get listed in the
MP soon. I am foaming at the mouth for one and I am too 'give
it to me now' to want to wait til Sunday night to buy one with
cash. Ugh. I regret impulse SELLING my Raguel wings right
before Flynn came out to ******** up the economy and make them
gain another 30 mil in price that I missed out on. xD

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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目をキラキラさせて 僕に語った君の将来図は

      i impulse bought some dolls of mizuki and alruna but now i can't figure out wtf to do with them, so i'm selling them. maybe i can make some chump change User Image

ただ聞いてるだけで 胸が熱くなり 泣きそうになった
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Tenacious Sage

Do you impulse buy? A lot actually redface
Is there an item you regret buying? Nah, but I do regret not buying items
Is there an item you regret not buying? God, so many, like Dead Bird Dress at 11k. Midnight Rainbow, Shrouded Vestige, Keiko, Meracle Swimmer, all of the Tea items (eexcept for Serene Green) and so many more v.v
If you brought anything from the black friday sale, did you buy it on impulse or was an item that was on you're wishlist? Not planning on buying anything, I'm broke on GC and I don't use RL cash, only offers
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Kawaii Bunny

I don't impulse buy on here anymore, it would impact my questing too much. Although when not questing, I do a lot of impulse buying.

There isn't anything I regret buying, because anything that I end up not using just gets sold anyway. I definitely regret not buying Rosamunds Redemption when I could afford it, because it's inflated to a stupid price now. I also regret not replacing my Rosamunds revenge when I could afford that. Damn those items and their expensive arm and leg mods.

Perhaps I should start impulse buying again, It was fun.
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      heck yes i impulse buy! all the time. in fact... i just impulse bought a sickly triplet because there was a listing for a good price u w u

      i don't really regret buying anything since i always make sure i can use it in my avatars.

      i really really really regret not getting workshop flora when it was like 4mil (was it 4mil? i can't even remember. might've been 6mil haha).
      things i regret selling... would be a longer list oops.

      i haven't bought anything from the sale haha. i'm too poor.
      i did however buy a princess chimes when it was in la victoire for $15. i'd sold mine before and wanted it back and i had some cash saved up so i thought "why not" and bought it. u v u
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I think I like to tell myself that I don't buy things on impulse. The first thought that popped up in my mind was that it depends on the price of the item...If it's cheap I will probably buy it on a whim.
Though if I really think about it, I like to talk myself out of buying an item, or say ''Come on, wait for the price to drop...You can do it!''...Which, admittedly, I can't. Another thing I do is to leave the item be and then a couple of days later, I just buy it because of...reasons?

I need more patience.
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Usually no, unless its under 500k.
But with inflation, its so hard to guess. I think i spent 20mil on an item that dropped to 2mil....but with flynn and inflation, you just never know.
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        i regret not buying doufu hua when it was only 2mil emo
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I regret not buying Onei and Golden laurels when they were under 10m. Onei was 3m and Laurels was 8m ;~:
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I did this BF< I bought two mint thingers on a whim. I'm gonna be a little broke, but damnit >-< lol

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