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Magic Mage

Dress up a hundred thousand character mules.
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Apocalyptic Gaian

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I'd probably freak out, in a bad way. My OCD would kick in, and I'd spend the foreseeable future trying to sort and catalog everything, only to randomly keep changing my mind and do it differently, til insanity took over... gonk

Also, I don't go in for contests.
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Fashionable Bear

I would probably freak out, go and clarify if the contest is legit, and then sell/gift the items I don't need little by little. Gaia comes out with items monthly, so owning every item wouldn't matter much to me.
Holy crap! That would be really cool! I'll donate half of the stuff I got, and probably just hoard the rest.
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Sell the Halo, buy duplicates of everything.
Invest, make more money for future ites
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Star Star

I'd probably be pissed because that would make opening my inventory a wreck.
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Salty Rogue

i'd liquidate most of my current invo, donate probably 50mil, and then continue collecting items as they are released emotion_dowant
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Inquisitive Spirit

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Omg the inventory page would cry if you tried to load that much stuff at once, lol

But if I did win that and it could somehow magically load I'd give anything I didn't want to my friends, dump a bunch of it into dumpster dive, sell some of it and maybe donate the rest to a few charities. Everything else I liked I'd keep and make new outfits everyday and buy avi art for everyone of them. emotion_dowant
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Bashful Exhibitionist

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I wouldn't know what to do with a huge inventory.
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Inquisitive Spirit

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  • Frozen Sleuth 100
Kitty Gnar-Gnar
Dress up a hundred thousand character mules.

ooh I didn't think of doing that! XD Yes I'd defiantly make all my mules look really spiffy.
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Devoted Carnivore

          I would be kinda bummed after being ridiculously excited. I would have nothing left to aspire to hmmm. I would start by gifting things I don't want and duplicates of what I already had to my friends. Then I don't know what I would do..I probably wouldn't say anything about it but it would make me such a lazy Gaian.

That was my initial reaction, too.

I mean, I'd probably be busy churning out avatars after the first week, but then after that, this site starts to lose its appeal. It's not like one can simply quest new items as they come out - there'd probably be so many items I'll never use that I could easily sell something for whatever just came out - and not even feel the pinch.
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Eloquent Elder

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Kez Mani

I would be like: WHOO!

Then, I'd sell everything I don't need, so that I'd have gold for things that would come out later. Maybe I'd give my friends things they wanted, too.

And then I would need to organize everything into alphabetical order.

But yeah, I'd probably tell everyone what it was. I'm sure others would hate me for it.

This, except I'd organize everything by R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. (the order of the colors in the rainbow).
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Shameless Ladykiller

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First, I'd have a heart attack. Afterward, if I survived, I'd gradually gift out everything I don't want/need without telling anyone.

Then I'd feel pretty empty, since like a lot of others have said, there wouldn't be anything to aspire to once all the items have been had.
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i would cry- sell the angelic halo- then give
everything else away.

it would scare me. literally.
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Sparkling Sleuth


The rest of my reaction would be me shitting my pants because getting one of every item ever released would be so full of awesome that, in fact, the awesomeness would time travel into the past and upstage the biblical figure of Jesus as the bringer of miracles.

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