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What is your favorite clothing tab?

Hats 0.10576923076923 10.6% [ 11 ]
Tops 0.067307692307692 6.7% [ 7 ]
Bottoms 0.0096153846153846 1.0% [ 1 ]
Shoes 0.019230769230769 1.9% [ 2 ]
Accessories 0.14423076923077 14.4% [ 15 ]
Items 0.60576923076923 60.6% [ 63 ]
Animated 0.048076923076923 4.8% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 104 ]
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Mereluna's avatar

Lady Strawberry

I don't know what tab anything is in anymore. I use the search bar almost exclusively. sweatdrop Probably Items is my most used though? Least would be bottoms, probably miss shoes the least.
dreamsk's avatar

Moonlight Sweetheart

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Unfortunately every damn item on the site gets put under the "items" tab. I kind of wish that backgrounds were put under "accessories". I have almost 3 pages of "items" with every other tab only having one, though somehow the second most would go to "hats".

My least is "shoes". I realized that Gaia doesn't have enough shoes.
The Drunken Jester's avatar

Tipsy Man-Lover

Items is where all the good stuff lives.

Shoes is the least occupied.
RandomKate's avatar

Benevolent Mage

I think everyone would agree on their items tab being the most important. I will also jump onto the shoes wagon. I think I only have one item that's over 30k in there? Nothing a bit of Booty Grab couldn't fix.
Blaze the Fire Dragon's avatar

Tricky Shapeshifter

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Yeah, wouldn't care if my shoes were stolen, but my items and accessories? I'd be devastated.
The Prince Soubi's avatar

Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

My items tab is my hands down most important tab. It has,
like, EVERYTHING I use in any given avatar. Plus it has my
Thea SD. I don't even know what I'd do if that was gone.
Probably kill every person to make sure I eliminate the person
who got their stubby little hands on it. You know, just as a
precaution. emotion_awesome

I agree, my Shoes tab is very underused. I don't think I ever
go to it at all.I seriously have one item in there that has more
than just shoes in it. The Noire Chevalier, which isn't so bad of
an item. I probably would remember I have it if it wasn't put in
the shoe tab to begin with. XD

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
Evil Goth Bunny's avatar

Kawaii Bunny

I'd rather they took my shoe tab, there are only about seven items in there and six of them are gold shop items that I can easily buy back.

I'd want them to leave the items tab alone. That's were all my cutest EI's are, and that's where my bunbun and wings are.
My favourite category is the Items tab, but I also wouldn't want anyone stealing my Tops because that's the tab my Nitemare Scarf is under.

As for what I would be least devastated with being stolen... Definitely the shoes.

The shoes tab definitely seems to be the least loved.

rofl pirate
KRlLL's avatar


lol take my shoes I own like three pairs and they total about 12k.
Adephi's avatar

High-functioning Lunatic

My most important is probably the 'hats'' tab. It has the coolest and most multi-pose items.
I wouldn't grieve too much if they took my 'shoes' tab, it's pretty empty and has nothing expensive anyway.
If I lost them I would be pissed. I would also file a hacking report.
HDMI's avatar

Omnipresent Demigod


So GCD, which tab of items is most important to you? Accessories of course.
Which tab is the least important? Animated
And what would you do if you ever lost either of them? I'd file a hacking report and hope I could get my stuff back. That or I'd probably quit.


Sheriarty's avatar


Ahhhhhh... let's see
My favorite tab is probably items
Ninja Katze's avatar

Magical Cat

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Most people are willing to ditch the shoes tab, and so would I. Good thing all my really nice shoes are in items under every other tab, the items tab being my fav. At least I won't go barefoot.
Literatic's avatar

Feline Bookworm

I'd definitely agree that the shoes tab is the least desirable.
As others said, the 'Items' tab holds pretty much all the expensive stuff
so I'd be pretty down about that going, along with my 'Bottoms' tab, as that holds
my Winged Anklets.
Lithium Child's avatar

Kuyusi's Partner

Hitched Sweetheart

My favorite is the accessory tab, I love me some accessories. I would b***h while filing a report if my items were taken, even if they took my shoes. I like shoes.

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