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What is your favorite clothing tab?

Hats 0.10576923076923 10.6% [ 11 ]
Tops 0.067307692307692 6.7% [ 7 ]
Bottoms 0.0096153846153846 1.0% [ 1 ]
Shoes 0.019230769230769 1.9% [ 2 ]
Accessories 0.14423076923077 14.4% [ 15 ]
Items 0.60576923076923 60.6% [ 63 ]
Animated 0.048076923076923 4.8% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 104 ]
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CreativeButLazy's avatar

Dapper Capitalist

For me tops and items are what I value most. the majority of my items are in the tops tab, and the items tab has my most expensive items.

Hats come in third because i love my hat and hair pin items and I use them all the time.

Like others said, shoes are what I value the least. The majority of my shoe items are gold shop items that are easily replaced, and there's not nearly as many of them. I think this goes to show that gaia is severely lacking in the super spectacular shoe items department ._.
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Loyal Gaian

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User Not Authenticated's avatar

Sparkling Miko

If I were to be robbed... I'd say I wouldn't miss it much if they took my tops. My shoes tab is too important. I've got bunny slippers in there. neutral Bottoms has some pretty unreplaceable stuff in there too.
Angelic Reprobate's avatar

Magnetic Evader

Shoes can go.
I'd die if my items or tops tabs were taken though. That's where all my favs are and their pretty expensive. I'd be pretty pissed if my accessories tab went though, that masquerade took forever so even though I barely use it now I refuse to let it go,
Meromictic's avatar

Winged Senshi

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  • Alchemy Level 10 100
Shoes tab for sure since I don't have much there.

I guess items tab would be the worst. I dunno though. I'm now curious about what would someone go after first.
Kecitich's avatar

Supportive Cutesmasher

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  • Money Never Sleeps 200
um... maybe animated items tab of mine can be robbed. But then I wouldn't care which tab will be removed because afterall these are just virtual items smile
Winter Hue's avatar

Formal Informer

There are only 3-7 items in my shoe tab that I would miss...
Compared to my 200+ items in my item tab that would make me cry...
So yeah. Shoe tab. I'll stick you right in my living room window so everyone knows...
That I have shoes. Too many shoes. All up for being stolen. Just don't go sifting for anything else.

Paper Gears's avatar

Rainbow Tycoon

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Take my shoes.
I don't use them much anyways.
Pikurusu's avatar

Magical Darling

      User Image
          I definitely noticed a while back that I mostly use the Items & Hats tabs. Since most of my items have more than one pose in those two tabs, I don't use my Accessories tab that much--though I own quite a few! Also my Tops tab is full of lovely dresses that I couldn't imagine parting with.

          I would be devastated if anything was stolen, honestly, but IF I were robbed, I would hope it would be from my Shoes tab as well. I only own three pair. ^__^;;

    monochrome spring's avatar

    Sparkly Conversationalist

    I could easily lose all of my shoes (all 2) and not care. I would be more upset if I lost my items tab though. I have so few items that it wouldn't really affect me if I was robbed.
    Rothbart's avatar

    Gracious Flatterer

    My animated items tab is empty, so if anyone wanted to steal from me they could totally help themselves to that one. xd

    Seriously though, I'd probably prefer to lose my shoes out of everything else. I'd still be sad though as I have quite a lot and I probably wouldn't remember which ones I had when trying to rebuy them.
    I absolutely couldn't deal with losing any of the other tabs though. I typically use several items from each tab in every avatar and I'd hate to lose so many options at once.
    grape_overlord's avatar

    Super Noob

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    Hats hats hats hats hats
    justicecream's avatar

    Shy Perfectionist

    Losing any tab would make me sad, but losing Bottoms would be easiest for me to live with.
    The most expensive item in that tab is about 200k, right now, and the majority of items in that tab are <10k.
    I'd be most devastated if my Items tab was taken from me. It has my favourite dress, hair and EI, among other lovely stuff.
    I'd submit a ticket in any case, but if I didn't get my items back... Bottoms is the only tab I could see myself re-buying instead of rage quitting.
    I Sinistro I's avatar


    ☠ ☠ "Ring a bell so the serpent hears us, let her know that we're tried and true. ." ☠ ☠

    God. . . If I lost ANYTHING, I'd just give up on Gaia for a little- Maybe go on a long Hiatus, and when I came back I'd try to rebuild.
    All of my items, and my gold, are very important to me; Some were small gifts from friends, some from my love, and some that I worked my ******** a** off to get (took A LOT of ******** blood, sweat, and tears, and A LOT of ******** commissions and zOMG! just to get some of what I have now).
    And if I had animated items, I wouldn't care if anyone took those. It's just everything else that I have, yeah. . I'd rage quit if I lost everything else. XD

    ☠ ☠ ". .No the beasts, they won't get near us- And we're not scared of You." ☠ ☠
    Amy Storm's avatar

    Magnetic Lunatic

    Nobody likes the shoes. I have to agree with that. I frequently consider not wearing them because they're all so weird. And then I look at my avi's weirder non-ankles and put shoes on to hide that mess.

    But honestly someone should steal my Storage Box. It is full of nonsense and I would probably be better off if it just wandered away.

    All my nice shiny stuff is in the Items and Accessories tabs. I don't want to lose that.

    That said, I have infinite mules and they can't hack them all. So, I'd probably manage to get my stuff back because the mules have a hell of a lot of duplicates and gold.

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