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What would it take for you to want to read the Gaia manga?

More men! 0.012820512820513 1.3% [ 1 ]
More women! 0.025641025641026 2.6% [ 2 ]
More romance 0.038461538461538 3.8% [ 3 ]
Less romance 0.051282051282051 5.1% [ 4 ]
any sort of freakin update 0.55128205128205 55.1% [ 43 ]
I just hate it/the NPCs 0.012820512820513 1.3% [ 1 ]
there's a manga? 0.11538461538462 11.5% [ 9 ]
other 0.038461538461538 3.8% [ 3 ]
I already read it 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 78 ]
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stampededentist's avatar

Wheezing Member

Well, I once randomly developed the idea that OMFG were secretly intelligent aliens that controlled the minds of anyone who wore them. Which may be why I never did sell the one that I have. ninja

Possibly the most "interesting" character I've thought up is Einrock the Nartian, who'd show up occasionally for fun and parties, and (preferably) handing out free stuff. Other than that, I'm just a guy with monkeys and dinos, or currently a floating angelic eyeball for the holiday season. That's what Easter is all about, right?

I actually used to think the same about User Image emotion_awesome

Ohh I like Einrock's design!

...But I'm a sucker for giant floating angelic eyeballs so I chose to doodle that one. x3
And yes. Easter is totes about the all seeing eye descendant of the heavens.

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Desirable Businesswoman

Lucia (Lulu)
Would you run a shop?
What kind of items would you sell?
Gambling based items such as dice, cards, roulette tables...the works. Casino items for the win.
Would you appear in the manga?
Perhaps once or twice. I doubt I'd be a major character. I'm too sly for that.
Would you be a part of an event?
YES. I would love to be part of a Friday XIII event or maybe even a Fourth of July event.
A love triangle?
Nah. There's only one man truly in this bunny's heart.
A horrible villain?
I wish. I don't have the amount of evil necessary to be a horrible villain.
Any specific phrases/quotes?
"You wanna try your luck with me bub? Or would you rather stick to the tables?"
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Wheezing Member

I lurk about 95% of time so I thought I would give this a shot.

Using my present avatar because I'm too lazy to go through my outfit closet.
Name: [NPC] Atheral
Would you run a shop?
No, will be too distracted playing on a hand held game system than to bother to watch the shop.

What kind of items would you sell?
Please refer to the previous statement.

Would you appear in the manga?
Yes, but only as a background character. Floating around munching on sweets; playing Russian roulette with food; and buying all the delicious discounted chocolates in stores after the respected holiday's event ends.

Would you be a part of an event?
I would love to! Seeing that Atheral is an incubus, I would say he'll probably troll the Valentine's Day event? That or anything that has to do with pastries and chocolate. (Big sweet tooth, major chocoholic).

A love triangle?
No, too inept in developing romantic attachment to anyone.

A horrible villain?

Not really, he prefers sitting in the area of grey.

Any specific phrases/quotes?

"*Grins*....Interested in a little game?"
"*sniffs* Is that... Chocolate I smell?"
"Since you failed to complete the task, how about a little punishment game?"
"I much as I do love good store bought chocolates, they are only enough to tie me down until I have time to make my own goodies."

For holidays
"Ugh... What is with all these decorations?! There is glitter on everything! It is the glitter-apocalypse!"
"*Sneezes* Ugh... I think I breathed in enough glitter that the fabulous in my lungs will reflect x-ray radiation."

the quotes are amazing heart

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Wheezing Member

x Karurie x
Name :: [NPC] Karurie

Would you run a shop? :: Yes. As a part time job away from the Paparazzi.

What kind of items would you sell? :: School uniforms and juicy bits of gossip about NPC's.

Would you appear in the manga? :: Yes.

Would you be a part of an event? :: I would love to host an event where we got to run around and dig up secrets of the other characters.

A love triangle? :: LIAM, SHOW ME YOUR GUNS. Meili
Not necessarily a love triangle.

Any specific phrases/quotes? ::
"The name is Karurie, but my friends call me Karu."
"May I ask you a quick question, please?"
"I wonder what happened to him..."
"Don't wanna be famous? Then I'll make you infamous!"

I wonder why they haven't already made an official "news stand" or something. :s

But Karurie would be perfect for it 4laugh

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Demonic Senshi

11,900 Points
  • Full closet 200
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
  • Conventioneer 300
If I were a NPC, I'd establish my background very quickly: don't mind the horns, the tail, or the ears, for I am but a humble servant to the Gambino family.

...Though, with the destruction of the Mansion from 200...7 or so, the contract binding Penn to the family's blood has been lost. So Penn doesn't "legally" serve Gino, she does so because she loves him.

Would you be part of an event?
Rule of thumb is, if Gino or Labtech X... appears, I might be nearby handing out goodies to the good mortal boys and girls.

A love triangle?
******** no. Her succubus half would keep Gino all to herself and her imp half would murderize anyone that looked at him or her funny.

A horrible villain?
She's only as villainous as the actions requested by her Master. If X got whiff of a 100% loyal, powerful family servant...

Any specific phrases/quotes?
"What do you need of me?"
"If you wish to fulfill a contract, please fill out Document 187-G and 934-A. In triplicate, please."
"Not all demons are evil. I donate to charity often."
"My father has served as Johnny K. Gambino's...personal consultant. I intend to continue his line of work."
"Why yes, the fancy boat at the Dock is my Airship. Thank you for noticing."
(Holiday-only line) "Ah, Halloween, one of the few days where I can roam without needing to cloak my features."
(Holiday-only line) "Jack? Pfft. My mother on a bad day is scarier."
(Holiday-only line) "What is with humans and sulfur on Halloween? Don't they know I have allergies?!"
(Holiday-only line) "So this plant will assure Gino will kiss me? You're sure of that?"
(Holiday-only line) "Xmas... Presents, cookies, and holiday cheer. Blegh."
(To Edmund) "You didn't know about me? So Mr. Gambino didn't tell you. How odd."
(To Luca) "Releasing Nyx? You're a fool, and you've damned this mortal realm to eternal darkness."
(To Gino) "It is a pleasure to serve the son of Johnny Gambino. Let my life be an extension of yours."

tl;dr I have a very fleshed-out character with lots of history behind her.
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Wheezing Member


my character is way too lazy to be a villain. the worst thing i can do is spread gossip ahurhurhur


That would be amazing if an NPC could randomly appear and use random Gaians' names along with things like
"Did you know that Torse once posted pictures of naked chickens in the chatterbox?"

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Wheezing Member

i would not want to do that.
What's the point?
Except for the achievement, which Gaia sold to very few.

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Mega Noob

Literally, DC would be a beach-bum. And would only talk about bikinis. Aka; do not know if the stupidest hero or the most wily villain.

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Wheezing Member

Evil Goth Bunny
Name? I'd still be Evil Goth Bunny, my avatar hasn't really got a name.

Would you run a shop? Yep!

What kind of items would you sell? I'd sell Georgian and Victorian inspired clothing, as well as lot of Lolita, Steampunk and aristocrat.

Would you appear in the manga? Yes. I would appear in every single story line, and would probably end up annoying most of the users on here as a result. I would also appear in other characters storylines whenever I felt they were going on too long. I'd appear out of nowhere and just end the whole storyline using a badly thought out plan filled with plot holes.

Would you be a part of an event? I'd be part of all the events. Like a frilly Diedrich.

A love triangle? No, I tend to find those a little boring, so I won't be involved in one.

A horrible villain? Of course not, Evil Goth Bunny would be a nice character.

Any specific phrases/quotes? Yes, but I can't think of anything at the moment.

That sounds like what Rococo should have been emotion_awesome

I dunno, mang.
Evil Goth Bunny sounds like she'd be a very kind woman. surprised

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Wheezing Member

Gash Thrashum
How many variations on pink wings are they going to come up with? Why aren't these in Loyal's shop? I think they've had enough of these things for sale in the CS. How about sinking some more gold with colors that are actually desirable?

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Wheezing Member

The Musical Ninja
Name? I'd stick with the Musical Ninja, for a bit of anonymity. You don't need to know my name!
Would you run a shop? Sure, why not. I'd need to make the monies in a fictional economy.
What kind of items would you sell? I'd actually sell books, mostly, because I value information.
Would you appear in the manga? No, I'm not a significant enough character for that, and I'm not social enough to say that I'd have good character interaction.
Would you be a part of an event? Again, no. I may value information, but that doesn't mean I know all of it off-hand.
A love triangle? I wouldn't even have love, period.
A horrible villain? No! D:<
Any specific phrases/quotes? I'd be rattling off information straight off the grape vine, so to speak. Then people would be able to get up to speed with current events regarding everything!

Aww snap I didn't think about that
A bookstore would be awesome emotion_kirakira

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Lavens's Husband

Bloodthirsty Man-Lover

Name? [NPC] Shirley
Would you run a shop? If Logan ever left his store like Flynn left the Cash Shop, then I'd happily take over the Fishing store, otherwise no.
What kind of items would you sell? Fishing Store stuff.
Would you appear in the manga? If I appeared in the manga it'd be something to do with a murder (I'd probably be the #1 suspect).
Would you be a part of an event? I'd so join Jack in any mischievous plans he had.
A love triangle? Lol no.
A horrible villain? I'd be neutral.
Any specific phrases/quotes? "Fish are friends, not food." "Hey, you know a good way to clean up a bloodstain...?" "Why are you looking at me like I did something?" "My pet sharks look hungry... oh hello there."
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Wheezing Member

I just want to be a hot bara werewolf shopkeeper. ; 3 ;

We are desperately short of those. emo


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Tinuviel Silma's Husband

Manly Werewolf

I just want to be a hot bara werewolf shopkeeper. ; 3 ;

We are desperately short of those. emo


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