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What would it take for you to want to read the Gaia manga?

More men! 0.012820512820513 1.3% [ 1 ]
More women! 0.025641025641026 2.6% [ 2 ]
More romance 0.038461538461538 3.8% [ 3 ]
Less romance 0.051282051282051 5.1% [ 4 ]
any sort of freakin update 0.55128205128205 55.1% [ 43 ]
I just hate it/the NPCs 0.012820512820513 1.3% [ 1 ]
there's a manga? 0.11538461538462 11.5% [ 9 ]
other 0.038461538461538 3.8% [ 3 ]
I already read it 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 78 ]
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Wheezing Member

Torse is: not forgetting about you guys but WORK REALLY BLOWS AND

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I normally lurk. But all these threads are getting a little old.

So let me try my hand at this topic conversation thing-a-ma-bob!

you as a person, your avatar, or your OC. Whatever.

Would you run a shop?
What kind of items would you sell?
Would you appear in the manga?
Would you be a part of an event?
A love triangle?
A horrible villain?
Any arch-nemesis/rival?
Any specific phrases/quotes?

Get creative!
Your character could introduce new things to the Gaian community, or revamp something old!

I'll use my current avatar to start.
I'm not good at roleplaying or making my own OCs, so this is just based purely on how it looks
I'd be [NPC] Torse, terror of the inbetween-events!

I'd make random, rare appearances on non-holiday days and hand out useless collectible items.
I'd say things like "Merry Halloeaster! Suck on this, treat!" and grant weird items like [Child's Tooth]" - You don't know. You don't want to know."

Eventually there would be some big plot where whatever (original) NPCs try to track down this menace. You'd have to turn in what you've received from me in attempts at locating me.

There would be a forum-based scavenger hunt where you'd have to post in threads that [NPC] Torse created (in the chatterbox etc--very difficult to find), to gain my trail.

I probably wouldn't appear in the manga. not sure. I definitely wouldn't run a store.

I'm not good at this..

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Wealthy Hoarder

Srintella Tiagara
Name of Shop: Gaia Bucks
Items: Worlds best coffee and other goodies that go along with coffee.
Appear in manga: I hope so. People need their coffee!
Event: Again I hope so. Yes
Love/Villian: I have a few of those would I be evil? No.
quotes: Welcome what kind of coffee would you like today? Please try the house special.
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Sparkly Lover

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Name? Umm Miyagichi.
Would you run a shop? Nope.
What kind of items would you sell? I explain below.
Would you appear in the manga? Yes!
Would you be a part of an event? I think it would be random. Like Daily Chance
A love triangle? If I could get Nicolae away from Crescento YES>
A horrible villain? Not so horrible, no.
My avatar has two personalities, one nice and one kind of snarky and warrior princess. So I would be the random NPC that pops up and one would give you nice things like bunnies and kittens and gold, and one would give you skulls and poison and ocean summer tops or something. One half of the user base would like Nice me and one half would like Evil me.
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Shirtless Shoujo

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  • Sunny Side Up 100

Would you run a shop?
What kind of items would you sell?
Would you appear in the manga?
Would you be a part of an event?
A love triangle?
A horrible villain?
Any specific phrases/quotes?

Get creative!
Your character could introduce new things to the Gaian community, or revamp something old!

What's a creativity? Does it taste good? Meep

Anyway, I'd be called either Marisa or Liliana, just like my real names. If I could run a shop, it'd probasbly be a hosiery/accesories/cosplay shoppe. My love triangle...forever stuck between Rina and Kanoko I suppose. *shudders*
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Unholy Spirit

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  • Generous 100
Name: Madam Rosie Palms

Would you run a shop? The long lost love connection shop.

What kind of items would you sell? "Companion" items/ innuendo items similar to the Box of Totally Innocent Objects. Lingerie, lace, stockings.

Would you appear in the manga? Yes, Madam has deep ties to the seedy Gaia underworld.

Would you be a part of an event? A murder mystery plot/event

A love triangle? Naw, that ship has sailed for her.

A horrible villain? Her alignment is really vague.
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Blessed Hero

I'd keep my user name as an NPC name, and I would love to run a pet shop, and have little facts about animals as my npc chatter XD And slightly more willing to communicate with animals than other humans ( i.e, animal base person walks in "YOU'RE SO CUTE! CAN I PET YOU?!", human walks in " um...hi...welcome....-looks away-" ). Random facts about ferrets and how people really misjudge them would also be npc chatter ;-; Would love to have a ferret npc shophelper like Ian has Rufus, named Zebo ( my boyfriends previous ferret who was super intelligent and sweet, he would give people ferret licked m&ms from his hidden hoard if they were sad XD )

Maybe in the manga, if Ian is in it. Would be hopelessly pining away over him because he's too dense to realize that a girl likes him, and would sit and chat with Rufus constantly. I guess love triangle since Ian ( last I remember ) was still hopelessly in love with Sasha ( SHE DOESN'T DESERVE HIM! ).

Definitely not a villain XD Too sweet and shy to be a villain... OR IS SHE?!

Specific phrases:
"You know... saying all ferrets bite and stink is like saying all dogs are vicious..."
"AH! YOU'RE SO CUTE! CAN I PET YOU?!" - when interacting with animal bases
"Hello.... Welcome...." - when interacting with a human
"Did you know that in medieval times, ladies would keep ferrets in the sleeves of their gowns so they could release them to catch any rats that might be around? Zebo won't let me put him in my sleeve..."
"Ferrets LOVE to steal things! Please be careful around Zebo if you're wearing anything shiny...."
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Bookish Hellraiser

Name? Rhea Byrne

Would you run a shop? Yup, called Spellbound Sundries.

What kind of items would you sell? Chalk, holdable potions, potion components, magic circles/diagrams, books, paper, jars of dubious origin, and other similar thing. Insects in jars/cages(as well as on their own to be held in the hand) as well

Would you appear in the manga? No

Would you be a part of an event? No, not likely.

A love triangle? Unless Gaia ends up with more lesbian NPCs, not likely.

A horrible villain? Pfft, Rhea'd get upset at being accused of being a villain.

Any specific phrases/quotes?
"Please don't tap on the jars. We're still looking for pieces of the last person."
"Omega? I know he looks a little scary, but he's the friendliest undead wolf you'll ever meet. Just as long as you're not a squirrel."
"While they're a staple in many rituals, some bugs also make great companions. Did you know jumping spiders chase laser pointers?"
"People around here are pretty welcoming, not once have I been chased by an angry mob since I got here. Well, not counting the time that ended up just being a big misunderstanding."
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Wheezing Sweetheart

i'd probably be named 'Ro' and i'd set up a shop selling monster/cyborg limbs and gorey stuff in Aekea. my shop would look like a mad scientist's lab decorated with cute things.

i probably wouldn't be in the manga or events but i wouldn't mind it. my dialouge would mostly be very nice/aloof things with some unsettling stuff:

"don't mind me. just admiring the shape of your skull."
"hey! wanna go out back and pick my brain?"
"please, don't touch my tail. it makes me nervous, and you wouldn't like me nervous."
"don't worry! all these body parts were donated by willing volunteers. lovely, screaming volunteers."

as well as hinting at a schoolgirl crush on stein. cx
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Handsome Man-Lover

Can I be Stein's Igor? I wanna be his assistant, I don't even need a big role.

I'd enjoy running a cliché manly man shop.
I would sell body hair toupés and weapons and armor of all kinds.
And bloody wounds, amputated limb mods, battle scars etc.

Welcome to the man-shack.
Actually, that sounds a bit like a harem.
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Loyal Lunatic

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  • Tested Practitioner 250
Did my best. The character isn't entirely hammered out though, so it may seem a bit strange.

Name: Yun
Would you run a shop: No. He's not responsible enough. He will occasionally appear in Brennivin's shop, or wandering ZOMG! areas.
What kind of items would you sell: If you run into him in ZOMG!, he will heal you and you're party. He sells runes in the shops.
Would you appear in the manga: Background character if ever noticed.
Would you be a part of an event: Would be seen in forums during battle events, healing anyone who needs it regardless of size. Unless Diedrich is involved. The lad has a deep loathing for what he calls the parasite bugger.
A love triangle: No. Just dorky hero worship. He's not really that noticeable lest one needs his healing abiities.
A horrible villain: Well... He is a part of a cult. It is unlikely he will be much of a threat. Yun isn't one all too prone to violence unless it is seriously needed.
Any specific phrases/quotes:
"Peculiar... I must have read the map wrong..."
"How did that spell work again... opps..."
"I've gone by quite a few names in my time. The original? Don't remember, why?"
"Come in, come. How are you doing today [user name]?"
"Ow. That looks ow... please let me take care of that for you."
"Sigh... I ask for help with my training only to get stuck with stocking the shelves."
"Oi! Please try to be careful there; I don't entirely know what those runes do yet."
gum disease's avatar


Eh, I'd be called gum or gummy, I'm not too fussed. I think I'd run a Gaia hospital, except that it'd totally be a front for body/blood harvesting for the undead denizens of Gaia. They need love too, after all.
I would sell gore/injury/bloody items for big bucks. Yes, you would be paying me to get parts of you removed. wink

Yesssssss, I'd wanna be in the manga and in an event. The Rejected Olympics would be good, I think. "Sprained your ankle in one of the events? Sorry, it's gotta come off." Love triangles aren't really my thing, I'm now a recently converted fan of Cresolae and I wouldn't want to be a homewrecker. I'd probably be close to Stein since my hospital's true purpose might serve his personal interests?
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Dedicated Scrooge

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  • Frozen Sleuth 100
Lol whoops. I have OCs, does that count?

I mean, I'd be a villain if it came to more Kuros, that much I know, H2k12 was fun. Maybe not horrible.
Unless I was a Junko Enoshima type character, I would get into that!

I might also run a book/stationary or music shop, though, if I was a storekeeper. That would be stellar.
I don't know what my name would be. An NPC has my IRL name already.
I'd say something about seamstressing, but all of my sewing crafts angles are probably covered by Bren and Stein, and I couldn't be a street clown or puppeteer without people connecting Loyal.
I would never presume a connection to any of the NPCs unless it were to enrich the world or serve their character, regardless of how much I like them. I wouldn't even want it hinted at otherwise. Kind of a stickler on this point.

This is assuming I'm not a reporter or paparazzo. Because let's face it, I have a problem about that and I need help.

I'd love to show up in the manga. I'd want to be sure it was as a worthy character, though? Like if I was in the background of a certain scene, I'd want to know what I was doing there.

Not creative enough for phrases right now. Except for the reporter.
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Shy Bunny

I tried so hard and got so far. in the end it's just a cutesy moeblob

Name? [NPC] Ophelia,or [NPC]Ophie! (That is actually one of my OC's name. )

Would you run a shop? Maybe! That weapon shop sounds a tempting store for her....lol

What kind of items would you sell? Most likely cute candy and baked treats inspired weapons. And sweet armors. (Putting a total new twist on the Lethal Chef ) Also,regular weapons

Would you appear in the manga? Hopefully. Doesn't everyone need some more baked treats,and these suspicious ones are the best!

Would you be a part of an event? I'd love her to host a pie war event.

A love triangle? Dunno?,She'd be just hopelessly stalking and crushing on the bank teller (poor meredith! ) until she gets a restraining order.

A horrible villain? She looks a bit too nice to be a horrible evuls person.

Any specific phrases/quotes? "My,My. Look who we've got here! Would you like some of these tasty swords and sharp pies I've just gotten out of the oven?"
"I've always liked to cook. Guess I'm putting my talents to work."
"Pinch me! I'm still certain it's a dream! OOOOW! Okay I'm awake. "
"...I wonder if my neighbors would like a cupcake."
"I made some paper cranes the other day. Is it true if I fold a thousand they grant a wish? hee heeh..."

I now am thinking of a backstory for her and all.... sweatdrop
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Noble Spirit

Name? Jayce Reinhardt
Would you run a shop? yes

What kind of items would you sell?
Bar and Grill

Would you appear in the manga?
Would you be a part of an event?
A love triangle?
A horrible villain?

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