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HMMM.. I'd probably make a lot of "detail" items like anklets, bracelets, belts, garters, noses, eyes, ears, etc. There just isn't enough of that stuff on here. emotion_donotwant
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I'd make quirky mods and really practical things (like full body freckles and lots of gloves). Also lots of food. Pizza, cakes, dumplings, the works.
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I'd go fullblown historical clothing. Some accurate, some not so much.. xd

My ultimate EI? Clothing in the 19th and 20th century, one female EI and one male counterpart. emotion_dowant
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my style would probably be clothing with vibrant colours also i'll do lots of items for MEN [beards, body mods and stuff]
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OMG. I would make incredibly detailed, beautiful visual kei-esque items. crying

I'd be that one b***h who doesn't stray far from jrock, visual kei, street fashion,
punk, 80s, metal, leather, studded, belted, chain-y, super awesome s**t.

emotion_drool I wish someone would do this. I would drown myself in those items.
Give me chains, Gaia. Chains and more belts that are so askew on the
avatar that they would be physically improbable.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
THIS!!! DO WANT! emotion_kirakira

I was about to post that I would make Visual Kei related wigs and of course their awesome make up! emotion_awesome
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There is a lack of Derpy items emotion_donotwant
So I would probably design more xD
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I'd make a lot of shoes for males. BECAUSE GAIA DON'T CARE FOR MY MALE FEET.

I'd just make male items, no females. Amazing pants, shoes, eyebrows. Lots of eyebrows...
Making fantasy items and japanese references would be a definite thing for me.

But my signature style would be having almost every item in shades of blue.
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I'd be all about semi-lolita and cutesy desserts and stuff, except with awesome, oldbie pixeling.
Elite-freak, I am.
More Slippers And Anklets
I will diffidently design new things T^T mostly red, black, white, purple. I really like the multicultural idea ^^ I think it will be really cool
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I'd run with the whole Sherlock thing, just like Reapersun. wink

lol. I'd also make more items for male avis.
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My items would probably all be like, BIG. I would make big gowns, big hair styles, bold backgrounds. I just like that kinda stuff. They'd also be detailed. Cuz I love those items the best.
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Sugary Carnivore

Snacks items, snack accessories, snack clothing. I'd be all over that. Cupcake hairclips... hnngh.
Buttercup Cafe would be guaranteed at least a bunch of new snacks every gold shop update. ; A;

I'd also attempt to add a Diedrich item every once in a while to bolster his attempts at world domination. /shot
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i'd probably make a million leg and arm mods to rid male avatars of our huge block-like limbs and i'd be all sexist with making things look cooler on male bases. sweatdrop and i'd sneak bananas into everything. and there would be lots of cool wigs in everything. cool wigs with crazy bright colour options.

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