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What do you want Gaia to add more of into the gold shops?

More Old 2003 Recolors! 0.094638242894057 9.5% [ 586 ]
More Grab Bags! (Like Barton Boutique Grab Bag) 0.087855297157623 8.8% [ 544 ]
More Outfits (Pants, shirts, dresses, etc.)! 0.34496124031008 34.5% [ 2136 ]
More Accessories! (Hairbows, jewelry, handhelds, etc.) 0.10998062015504 11.0% [ 681 ]
MC Recolors! 0.13791989664083 13.8% [ 854 ]
More Salon Durem Updates! 0.22464470284238 22.5% [ 1391 ]
Total Votes:[ 6192 ]
This poll closed on March 6, 2014.
No longer accepting new votes.
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In a relationship with a pile of poop

Conservative Bloodsucker

Realistic bullet belts that strap ONLY around the waist, in multiple colors and metals.
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Divine Spirit

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How about some more stockings, shoes, and hair accessories in teals. :3
dat butt's avatar

Distinct Member

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Original Regular

ι вє тнє тєяяσя σf тнє ѕєνєи ѕєαѕ...

Ugh can we have a Hawk March?
Or pirate items.
Or a recolor of the spirit falcon MC? cry
EDIT: In the gold shop, please? Ugh.
It's so hard to make a decent avatar in green, this is ridiculous.

...∂σ ує яєαℓℓу тнιик ує'∂ ѕυяνινє α ρℓυи∂єя fяσм мє؟
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Angelic Sailor

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I would love to see the angelic furniture in the gold shops. Heck, I would even buy them with real cash!
It'll never happen, but it's just wishful thinking.

I would also like to see body mods in the gold shops.
Meilkor's avatar

Tiny Inquisitor

Can we have some things recolored in browns that do not make it look like actual poop?

Recolors of more things in green - and not just one shade of green either please. Many shades. ALL THE SHADES!

I would especially love a recolor of Picolitrossos' Urn with Purple and Green as the warm/cool colors. * O *
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alacivita's Wife

Lonely Kitten

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I literally just want all of that can't you do all of it?
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Shaggy Bear

i like this
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Eloquent Exhibitionist

Apple Blossom19
I see you have the first option as recolors from 2003. We all know that's gonna win for it's usually hit for the poll whore option.

But I feel I should put in my own two cents: No recolors. It's been done to death.

I would like to see new outfits and accessories/jewelry.

Someone suggested pants, I would like to see more of that too ^_^
Oh, and green, this site needs more green items cat_3nodding
StoicSerenity's avatar

Timely Rabbit

More green items, not in pastel/mint would be nice, and especially if they're skirts, belts, etc.
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Angelic Demigod

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If I were to choose one? I'd love more mermaid gowns like Juno's lace in the gold shops, especially in white without any patterns on them. <3
eliza_bunnypooh's avatar

Malevolent Phantom

Non-recolors in Dernier Cri. We need goldsinks and original itemssss
ashlex_in_pearl's avatar

Healing Gearhead

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More recolors of older items (But not the oldest items) would be nice. You all seem to just want to recolor the newer of items. So, listen and give us something new!

On that subject... I threw around the idea of recoloring Bunny Brigade.
I know its a crazy expensive item... but, I still went ahead and did my own. ninja

Chickie Brigade
User Image
Your Name Is Bad's avatar

Blessed Prophet

Why would I want to give you ideas for "gold shops" that you'll just use for gaia cash??
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Dangerous Fairy

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One of the recolors I have been waiting for (and asking for in thread) are Sharaku noses. Colors to match the dye skins as well as some other skins. You guys/gals did it for ears. Why not these?

I also would like to see recolors for some Dernier Cri items.

The magicians hat in a purple and the Raiment in blue (which needs a crown to go with, by the way).
Id also like all of the ears to be recoloured to match new skins as well
Which skins? They gave us tons of ears already. Just need the Sharaku noses for those of us who love that item.

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