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What do you want Gaia to add more of into the gold shops?

More Old 2003 Recolors! 0.094638242894057 9.5% [ 586 ]
More Grab Bags! (Like Barton Boutique Grab Bag) 0.087855297157623 8.8% [ 544 ]
More Outfits (Pants, shirts, dresses, etc.)! 0.34496124031008 34.5% [ 2136 ]
More Accessories! (Hairbows, jewelry, handhelds, etc.) 0.10998062015504 11.0% [ 681 ]
MC Recolors! 0.13791989664083 13.8% [ 854 ]
More Salon Durem Updates! 0.22464470284238 22.5% [ 1391 ]
Total Votes:[ 6192 ]
This poll closed on March 6, 2014.
No longer accepting new votes.
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-Shiny_Tsukkomi-'s avatar

Perfect Pitcher

Any updates for what was supposed to be released in Loyal's shop would be wonderful.

C'mon, put 'em in Loyal's shop, not La Victoire... gonk
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Rampaging Wife

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gaia_angelleft gaia_diamond gaia_angelright

I would love to see more anklets and accessories in general!
gaia_angelleft gaia_diamond gaia_angelright
Tall Dark and Snarky's avatar

reverti's Husband

Winged Gatekeeper

Can I just say that aside from the one thing I want most, I want
Cellarnya's avatar

Peaceful Sweetheart

Ok listen up.
Gaia needs more GREEN, PURPLE, and ORANGE/BROWN items
something casual, not fancy dresses and stuff
also more srsly nice looking shoe items.
I'm having a lot of problems, trying to find good shoes for my avi
Also, a personal request, i'd love more colours of lowtoppies
maybe a bit more pastel coloured ones.
the current pink one is way too pink to use with most items!
So, more casual items, more green, purple, orange/brown items
and different coloured lowtoppies?
Also recolour some non-MC/ popular items
for example, thing about.. peyo's coded memories?
They'd look fab in other colours too. 3nodding
and '' When i grow up '' I'd love to have more colours of that too.
Diavolica's avatar

Smitten Warlord

Red salon hair that is actually red and doesn't look like plastic. gonk
subfuse's avatar

buckystars's Husband

Aged Regular

        enough with the cutesy crap,
        users like myself want manly items. more blood, gore, weapons, stains, smoking, drinking.
Recycled_atom's avatar

Business Fatcat

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Princess Angelishia
Hello again all!

We here at Gaia HQ were wondering: if you could have anything in a gold shop update, what would it be? We'd really appreciate it if you'd take a second to take the poll above, and post some of your suggestions below!

Thank you so much in advance!

Princess Angelishia

Note: The poll will close 3 days from when this topic was made.
put angelic halo pls,and a white devil tail would be cool.
Apple Blossom19's avatar

Eloquent Exhibitionist

I see you have the first option as recolors from 2003. We all know that's gonna win for it's usually hit for the poll whore option.

But I feel I should put in my own two cents: No recolors. It's been done to death.

I would like to see new outfits and accessories/jewelry.

Someone suggested pants, I would like to see more of that too ^_^
Beast Henshin's avatar

Big Member

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  • Senpai's Notice 100

Or at least more pink unisex accessories! I tried to make a black and pink manly avatar yesterday and it was extremely difficult to have the pink not be overshadowed by all the black.

Also: Altair's Honor in red plz
User Image
children with machetes's avatar

Obsessive Phantom

                        ۰۰۰ all my friends are knives 〉〉suicide crusades

                        ۰۰۰۰۰۰military minds wanna play my game .. skeletons & crimes crucify my name

                                    as much as I love the grab bags
                                    I think you should up the scale of them
                                    (they could prove to be a really good gold sink
                                    which the economy is screaming for right now).
                                    maybe add more new items/recolors
                                    and up the price?

                                    open up your eyes to venom threats & children with machetes
                                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Razorblade Bandit's avatar

Supreme Lunatic

Audrey Strapped heels in more colours.
Salon Durem update with cute ahoge long and short hair.
That's all.
Better booty grab fish for Phin Phan. Thanks for asking
loveseouI's avatar

Versatile Genius

Anything in dernier, really.
The Black Tea Geisha's avatar

Fluffy Unicorn

15,600 Points
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  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Angelic Alliance 100
I really want more oriental items XP
We have practically no Hanfu's!
I'd love different styles of kimono's..Perhaps some different colored junihitoe's..More hair pins....things like this.
Unlucky Dan's avatar


i love to see better
2003 items Recolor
Cash shop updated

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