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What do you want Gaia to add more of into the gold shops?

More Old 2003 Recolors! 0.094638242894057 9.5% [ 586 ]
More Grab Bags! (Like Barton Boutique Grab Bag) 0.087855297157623 8.8% [ 544 ]
More Outfits (Pants, shirts, dresses, etc.)! 0.34496124031008 34.5% [ 2136 ]
More Accessories! (Hairbows, jewelry, handhelds, etc.) 0.10998062015504 11.0% [ 681 ]
MC Recolors! 0.13791989664083 13.8% [ 854 ]
More Salon Durem Updates! 0.22464470284238 22.5% [ 1391 ]
Total Votes:[ 6192 ]
This poll closed on March 6, 2014.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Feline Spirit

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i'm glad you guys care enough to poll us smile

i would really love to see outfit sets released. I always looked forward to seeing what the newest outfit was in old gold shop releases, and i gotta say, the knitwear release? made me so mad. you don't just release sweaters for spring.

maybe if you guys lacked imagination you could go to the cross stitch forum and see what people are drawing? 3nodding
Murdoc Betelgeuse's avatar


I chose 2003 recolors, but I really want all of those things to happen. Save for the hair accessories and jewelry.

- scars
- facial hair
- grease/stains/dirty clothing
- long hair styles that have masculine quality to them
Bowie-Spawan's avatar

Handsome Man-Lover

Sand Dancer Shaka
iiNotorious Cupcake
- - αℓץ sαץs - -

High quality sexy and manly items, please .

I don't feel like we have enough .

I approve of this 3nodding

Thirding this whee
Princess Angelishia's avatar

Princess Mage

Arlette Mori
Princess Angelishia
Princess Angelishia
Hello again all!

We here at Gaia HQ were wondering: if you could have anything in a gold shop update, what would it be? We'd really appreciate it if you'd take a second to take the poll above, and post some of your suggestions below!

Thank you so much in advance!

Princess Angelishia

Note: The poll will close 3 days from when this topic was made.
Hi!! It's great to be asked this, but will this be another case where we answer the poll questions only to have the items made for the cash only shop?

The thread says gold shop~ !

Is there any way we could get an update on Loyal's shop?

The update is that we still need a little more time to work on it, but it has not been abandoned!
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Charitable Bear

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No more recolors! If you NEED to do recolors then how about like.. one every 1-2 weeks? Not every day.

Gold shop ideas? Make some REAL gold sinks. When you make an item for the GC shop stop and think 'Maybe we should put this in a gold shop'.
Stop Destroying the 2003 items.... gaia has been ruined with all these items coming back out for big $$$$ amounts!!!!
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VVednesdays's Husband

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Recolors of Ocean Summer Top would be nice.
VilmorX's avatar

Fuzzy Wolf

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um... What about decent fish in Phin Phang that aint GC?
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Fluffy Streaker

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I dont like the grab bags, it would be cool if you sold gold shop recolours outright instead, cuz grab bags just feel overpriced imo.

also gold shop items remade for animals! (and sold in gold shops) i'm itching for the starter items in animal form (with the same 2 gold pricetag too that would be rad)
Willa Banghim's avatar

Its Irrelevant's Husband

Sweet Fairy

We need more lavender recolors cx
just not ugly shades B [
The Hot Box
More anklets please 4laugh
Hot MiIk's avatar

Shirtless Shapeshifter

More long hair in the Salon.

White D-tail. <---- for the loyalty gold shop.
(great gold sink.)
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Divine Demigod

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Omg it's so hard to choose from the options...a huge nice update would really do, with new clothes/accessories/hairstyles! smile I personally think we need more hairstyles and maybe new colours in the gold shop.
I think it would be really, really nice if gold shops could be updated at least once every two or three months. We are having at least three times a day a cash shop update, why can't we have also a good gold shop update? With nice items in a colour range that would match almost 60% of the new items we get every month through CIs and MCs.
I don't think this is a hard request and I believe LOTS of Gaians would like it. smile

ATh e a r t's avatar

Romantic Lunatic

I'd prefer no more re-colors and actual -new- items =/
mewkittyy's avatar

Shy Senshi

Recolors of the Revolution Dawn items. (Pious Cleric, etc)

edit: I know it's not store items. xD

how about recolors of the old shoes?

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