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What do you want Gaia to add more of into the gold shops?

More Old 2003 Recolors! 0.094638242894057 9.5% [ 586 ]
More Grab Bags! (Like Barton Boutique Grab Bag) 0.087855297157623 8.8% [ 544 ]
More Outfits (Pants, shirts, dresses, etc.)! 0.34496124031008 34.5% [ 2136 ]
More Accessories! (Hairbows, jewelry, handhelds, etc.) 0.10998062015504 11.0% [ 681 ]
MC Recolors! 0.13791989664083 13.8% [ 854 ]
More Salon Durem Updates! 0.22464470284238 22.5% [ 1391 ]
Total Votes:[ 6192 ]
This poll closed on March 6, 2014.
No longer accepting new votes.
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+[Skarekrow]+'s avatar

Sparkling Fairy

More really long hair styles. I don't think it's right for a certain length to be premium items only.
Deus ex Pyrus's avatar

Shy Friend

I think accesories and clothes would be nice
Doom Lemons's avatar

Fluffy Bilge rat

18,500 Points
  • Fusion Novice 50
  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Perfect Attendance 400

User Image
No ******** way. The last time we suggested s**t, we got the less requested items, and Gaia cherrypicked the hotly requested items and turned them into a ploy for cash. ******** that s**t.
Pyres's avatar

Enduring Shapeshifter

I don't see the option for recolors of cash items for gold so I'll just put my vote to salon. rolleyes

I would LOVE to see Deadly Ansha in White & Blue, Black and Purple though.
Deus ex Pyrus's avatar

Shy Friend

More really long hair styles. I don't think it's right for a certain length to be premium items only.

yes please <3
Verenka's avatar

Gracious Lover

More gold shop items would be great! Would love some more accessory items. heart
Darmani1Link's avatar

Omnipresent Pyromaniac

12,300 Points
  • Prayer Circle 200
  • Hive Mind 200
  • Nudist Colony 200
Maybe some chance items as a gold sink in the gold shop.

For the cash shop, Worgen March.
Beyond Random's avatar

Smitten Gekko

11,450 Points
  • Cat Fancier 100
  • Unleash the Beast 100
  • The Wolf Within 100
More pants! More Bottoms! More shoes!
i_am_ioi's avatar

Chatty Cutie-Pie

Send some of NEW/GOOD RIG items to gold shops for limited times and at expensive prices to create more gold sinks!
The Hot Box's avatar


More anklets please 4laugh
Hi-Potion's avatar

Princess Nerd

16,350 Points
  • Master Librarian 500
  • Storybook Royalty 500
  • Magical Girl 50
One of the recolors I have been waiting for (and asking for in thread) are Sharaku noses. Colors to match the dye skins as well as some other skins. You guys/gals did it for ears. Why not these?

I also would like to see recolors for some Dernier Cri items.

The magicians hat in a purple and the Raiment in blue (which needs a crown to go with, by the way).
Id also like all of the ears to be recoloured to match new skins as well
KinderSenpai's avatar

Fashionable Vampire

10,450 Points
  • Tooth Fairy 100
  • Conversationalist 100
  • Marathon 300
Gold body mods.

Not some crappy ones made in hurry because they arent from gcash.

Good and worked with motivation body mods please : O
.~[Misty.Muffin]~.'s avatar

Obsessive Nerd

Some HIGH QUALITY wigs would be AMAZING.
In the gold shops.
In many colors.
We Could Be Villains's avatar

Loyal Hoarder

I'm having a hard time picking because every one of the poll options is good.
Could we have a mix of all the options?

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