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Zzyli - Zzy as in Xylophone, Li as in leaf

I've had some ZOMG related dreams, most notably just before/after DMS came out. I remember one where we got to go in & check out DMS before it came out, and for some weird reason it was first-person. Also another where we had to run away from the Grue, who for some inexplicable reason was purple.

I think I've had a few other Gaia dreams from time-to-time. I suppose it's only natural considering how much time I spend here. I've also had daydreams/fantasies, like the ones where I pick up an Angelic Halo from Dumpster Dive, but that's not really what we're talking about. ninja

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative...
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I usually dream of items, like getting a good deal on an item I've wanted for months and getting a pretty rig item from Daily Chance.
I once dreamed that a new rig came out and I was collecting a 4 piece set from it. I already had 2, but then I got a third from Dumpster Dive.
Nothing really weird.
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They changed Fishing...the only Rods we could use were the Basic Rods, and it's blurry at this point, but I remember they updated the artwork, which looked very nice, but we were all pissed as hell over the Rods getting taken away, and instead we had to use various large fish as bait?

I would like the artwork in Fishing to be updated. The water looked clearer and prettier in my dream, but I DO NOT want the updated rods getting taken away! D:<
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I dreamed I caught an emeraldback lion fish once!

Needless to say I woke up seriously disappointed that I had not caught it.


Edit: In regards to your dream, that would be great if there was another fishing update, but I would be seriously pissed if they took our rods away!
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I've actually had dreams about making an animated video using avis from Gaia...
Weiiiiirrrrd night after too much Kpop....
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I had a dream once, where Sentinel was murdered and me and Overseer and Gino were playing detective.
It's been a while, though, so details are hazy and I don't remember much more than that.
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tab tab tab tab tab I think the only dream I had about Barton was when I was anxiously waiting for another post in an RP. And when I wake up, there was almost always another post in the RP. rofl (Summertime, bby).

tab tab tab tab tab Though that does sound like a cool event that should happen! It would most definitely cause a lot of people to go to zOMG then, and make the game a lot funner. C:
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Well, one dream I had related to Gaia(a few of you know this one already) involved me going to the store, buying a cash card and buying a bundle. The only victory was the very last one and in that victory was an Alex the Raccoon, which I had sold for 20 mil in the dream.
The interesting part was that real life repeated that dream. (Except for the 20 mil part, he only sold for 8 mil. xD)

Also had a dream I was being chased by an angelic halo, but I'm blaming my painkillers for that one.

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