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I've been both only semi-scrupulous about collecting wing stickers,but also not so very interested in most anything available in exchange for them.

Even so I got the Ghost Skin ( when it was cheap ), and the Summer Grass Field and recently a Dark Elf Potion ( from which I've fully recovered... ) and I still have 109 Wing Stickers.
I have been using these for a long time. I have used these on my motorbike and vehicle too. These look pretty good on the window of the vehicle.
I have not saved any. But right now i am using these on the windows of my cars.
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I have 52 saved so I really hope for something decent this time in the clubhouse. So far, nothing has caught my eye there.
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174 wing stickies. I've been lazy about collecting them and I've spent some, so 200 is def possible. I've got a giant enemy crab complex.

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i've got 113. i missed several event stickers because i usually don't bother with events anymore until last minute.

haven't bothered to buy anything from the club either because there simply hasn't been a "MUST. GET." item from there. and even if i'm remotely interested in an item i know i can just grab it from marketplace for a couple thousand because theres already enough people wasting their stickers on them. like 50 sticker ghost skin. i bought it for 10k off marketplace a year or two ago and i just checked and its 4k

they should add ridiculously expensive desirable items that soul bind upon purchase. like theres this daily event on an mmo i play. you need to do it 400 times to get a super cool awesome black ghost mount.

unfortunately wing stickers are only available during events or monthly update poll voting.
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I have 118. I'd have more, but I believe I bought something. I'm not saving them for any particular reason, I just haven't been that interested in the items offered for them.
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i am up to 166 wing stickers now ,and beware the link above,might be a cookie grabber site and wing stickers are only good on gaia
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Dude, I think it was right for him to save up those stickers. Who knows?
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well so far no high end wing sticker items yet,but the apoc bg i liked found it for cheap in marketplace

so i plan on saving wing stickers for a long time
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~ yum_tea ~
Coffee Cat says:

Do want pricy wing sticker item.
I've saved them all for nothing.
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Hardcore Smoker

i agree with meow,i want one too,i hope to have 250 wing sickers saved by the time it comes out

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