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I have 10 emotion_awesome
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Hardcore Smoker

its never to late to start collecting them,just wait for a event and be sure to get one a day ussly during events,also some polls gaia has offers one.
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Proxy Man-Lover

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I have a pathetically low amount of 42 wing stickers.
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In a relationship with kayla wasabi

Friendly Friend

0 atm
it's too late for me
knowing gaia, if they do release the item
they'll make it worth over 200 wing stickers just for the heck of it
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Beloved Noob

___‚óŹ Oh God, I was proud of my 32...
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Greedy Capitalist

I have 187 stickers saved, back when they were new I was hoping they'd release the backwings into the sticker shop (so I'd collect them from the events and polls) but that didn't happen...now I just collect them for no reason. I hope they'll add more new or cool stuff to the wing shop...
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Hardcore Smoker

wing sticker ftw
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Aekea Bunny

Apparently I have 164
I could have sworn it was lower.. hmm. I did miss out on event stickers due to my computer issues. I guess the Monthly wrap-ups helped me with the rest.
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Destitute Donator

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I have 78. I often forget to click on them during events. I've spent some too.
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Timid Lunatic

      Thus far I have 122 stickers.
      I don't recall ever using them for anything, but I know I've missed several days to get some too.
      I've been kinda holding out on the hope that they'll release a really cool item for 100 stickers or something.
      Until then, I'm just going to horde the little bastards until they release something I actually like.
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Barton Nerd

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Oh, wow. I currently only have 50 Wing Stickers. I would of guessed I had around double that amount, huh. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. I've bought a lot of the level 1 Alchemy formulas.

The users who have almost 200 stickers are making me feel inferior. xD I always forget to collect my event stickers after the first few days.
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Partying Reveler

I'm so close to 100 .. i have 99 . i hope they put in a high price item. It would make all my saving worth it.
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Hardcore Smoker

yes high end wing sticker item would be epic
I have 170.
Mostly because there hasn't been anything I really really wanted...
Though I did buy the ghost skin.

A High end wing sticker item would be awesome! and less of a waste of time than some of these other things.
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Wild-Haired Hellraiser

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I have 89, and I know I've bought a lot of stuff. Ghost skin, a dark elf skin potion, werewolf body? Etc, etc.

I just know that they usually jump the sticker price, so if you nab the right items now, you can sell them at a higher price later on in life. Not that I need the gold, but it's something small and easy to do.

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