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Oh hell no mad

I don't want anymore Gary island. mad

I will NOT waste it on that
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I have 82 since I collect on my main and not on this one that much. It would be nice though to have a high end sticker item that was worth like 100 or more stickers. Definitely would make people value them stickers more.
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i agree the sticker should have a higher respect from others,as to get them take time do be on site for events
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This is a great idea yet a dumb one if you think about it.

I have 100+ too, waiting for a high end item to come out. but I was thinking.. "what if they actually release it?" the system would be ******** up... people would stop buying the cheap ws items and future cheap ones.

"there are two items, one that you can buy now (10 stickers) and another that is 1000 times better but you have to wait a bit to get it (100 stickers), what do you choose?"

because... if they release that item, it should be really cool, otherwise no one would buy it.

thats what I think it will happen.

sorry for my bad english xP
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I have 52 at the moment. I've bought most of the items from the Treehouse except for the potions. lol.
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putting a highend item in wing sticker shop would make the item worth more,for example all the lower priced prizes are worthless,,so making them worth less is no good
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I know I have either 109 or 110 wing stickers, but I can't remember. I did buy the Vampire Skin Potion, so that knocked me down a few stickers.
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I'm just really bad at remembering to collect stickers, even if I am on Gaia during an event emotion_drool I have maybe 50, if I'm lucky. Nothing in the store has impressed me too much, though.
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I have like... 102 right now. LOL I completely forgot about them until I saw this thread.
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yeah there were some days i forgot myself to get wing stickers,but i got most of them,and missed out on the april fools glitch for them.
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I have 170, and that's not collecting them every time they were available, I know a few people with more than me xd

Saving them for the day that a high end item will be released... if ever rofl
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I have 135 wing stickers :X I've been saving them for stuff that really catches my eye, unfortunately that has happened too much.

I dunno I just thought we were supposed to get something super impressive out of The Treehouse at some point.
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I only got 6 wing stickers oO;
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I have 86 wing stickers (I've only purchased the recipe for the White Satin coat, which I then decided not to use), so I'm all for more high-end items. It would really make saving them more worthwhile, since I'm pretty unimpressed by the selection of wing sticker items we've gotten (I was excited for the elf skins, but then I saw there was no difference between the new and old elf skins if you're wearing clothes).
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yeah i am saving my wing stickers also

it would be funny to be able to actually be a wing sticker and kinda flop around in the air razz

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