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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I liked the idea of skins being costly while potions being cheaper versions.

But a sort of 200 sticker thing could be cool. Or perhaps we trade in the stickers for early access to the next Gaia game?

I still thought they were going to be used to bid on items hosted up by devs. Or entries into gold lotto which people actually win lol
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By the way, I guess I'm the only one who reads item descriptions, and noticed for a long time that the Wing stickers seem like they're stuck to you, when you obtain them? have I been the only one hoping for a wing sticker skin, as reference to the text of it being suck to you? or wing sticker wings?
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Oh jeez, I'm pretty sure I have like ten wing stickers saved up after all this time.
I'm too embarrassed to actually go & verify the number.
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I have 172, and like someone said earlier, nothing in the Tree house has really interested me emotion_facepalm
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:p i have 186
i forget to do events most of the time but i manage to snag most of the stickers
(obviously i've missed about 10 total since some people have 197?)
i'm still waiting for the day when they release pricier items in the treehouse hehehe
whenever i have wanted something from there tho ive bought the items straight off the mp
or gone into a mule and hoped they had enough stickers sweatdrop
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♫♫ I um...I have five ninja
I suck at saving for anything okay.
But it's encouraging to see so many people saving theirs maybe one day I'll have that will power.
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I was proud of my 59 stickers. Especially when people were saying they didn't have enough for the skin potions on Halloween.

I tip my hat to you!
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I had sixty five Stickers saved up, but I spent forty to buy two of the new Vampire Skins. Which I am still not sure if I want to use or save and sell later. I think I'd be annoyed if they came out with an item worth more than sixty or so Stickers.
209 so far, aaand no purpose yet /sigh
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Just 37...

Although I could have zero stickers and still be pretty happy, nothing in that shop is very appealing

Yeah, I've only ever liked the new skins. Only purchase I ever made there.
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I have 150 stickers also ! I haven't spent any, I've just missed a lot of days. Apparently I get tired of gaia in the middle of events User Image
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I dare you to buy another ghost skin. lol

I have exactly 100 stickers (wow!), probably bought the beach scene, the ghost skin, and the alchemy formula for gary's island adventure.
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I spent over 100.. I'm slowly regenerating back, I currently have 48
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I have 180, haven't spent a single one. Pretty sure I missed several sticker grants though. >__<
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amazing replys

but the tree house rig idea i saw someone post was a good one

also do you think that the wing sticker items should be soul bound?

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