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I've only got 26 stickers but that's because I always forget to claim them during events.
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Aekea Bunny

I'd like them to be tradeable like tickets. Not sure why though...
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if they were tradable i would spend everything i had on them,hoping a amazing item will come out one day in tree house,like the first ever tree house rig,or a epic/legendary item
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118, I used a few for the alchemy recipes they sold for some events.
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I gotz 15 emo
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Agreed, it would be nice if the did update with small updates even when events aren’t going on. There just needs to be more in there. Right now there really isn’t much incentive to spend wing stickers, but yeah EIs that are a good amount of stickers would really provide incentive. Not to mention they’d be interesting to have in the clubhouse.
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At first I thought the OP must be mistaken, then I checked my Inventory and found I have 176. whee

I guess I've been busier here than I thought. wink
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skin potions were in shops long before tree house got them,so they not special in my view
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I currently have 17 wing stickers.

I'm trying to collect all the items in the shop myself, but I'm not sure if I'll go for the vampire and elf potions. confused I just need the Chilltimes Cabana background and all 4 of the racquets to collect all the items, other than the potions.

I bought 2 extra boo skins when they were cheap, but it wasn't much of an investment. sweatdrop
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also if anyone has any idea's for new wing stickers items,please list them

i always like to hear good idea's

i say rig item,evo item,and maybe have a limited item that is only in tree house for a short time then retired
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also not one wing sticker was given out during turkey event sad
hi i am fond of wing stickers and i have saved 80
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Smitten Fatcat

I managed to keep 154 stickers.
I thought the ghost skin would be temp.
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yeah i got ghost skin with wing stickers,but had no idea it was going to be buyable in marketplace.
yeah i got ghost skin with wing stickers,but had no idea it was going to be buyable in marketplace.

Dear these are buy able in market place and from the online printing companies as well

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