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I already have a Wii, which I barely use, but I don't mind another one. XD
I can always use the extra money from selling it.

Although I rather have the 3rd place prize than the 2nd
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IT'S AN 03 LETTER?!?! gonk

Which one? What's inside?

I wouldn't care what I won as long as I won something hahhah~ crying
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I'd rather win the letter or the wings, having a wii sent to me would just be a huge inconvenience.

I quite like the 'log in everyday' contests, like that mini wings raffle they used to have. I'd like monthly raffles for various expenive items, like a raffle for a kitten star one month then a raffle for a pale marionette next month or something.
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I'd *really* like the giant Kiki pillow! But as the prizes stand, I'd prefer the letter too. I already have a Wii and haven't played it...gee, at all this entire year, come to think of it...but I did just get a new game as a gift, so I've been thinking of dusting the 'chine off again and giving it a whirl.
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User ImageI'd possibly get more out of the letter than the Wii, but at the same time, owning something that expensive would make me nervous. If I ever wanted to sell it, I'd have no idea how to even do it. xd
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I'd prefer the Red Devil Minis. I am lusting for those so hard.
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I'd like the letter most of all, I have a Wii which I (rarely/only) use for Animal Crossing. Those minis... emotion_drool

I like these contests because everyone has an equal chance of getting something. It's also pretty fun too.
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Just some math for you guys

A Wii is = 150 dollars

10 dollar gaia cash card normally gets you 1m - 1.2m if you sold the item completely. Times that by 15 and you get 16.5m.

Mini Wings are 150 million gold. So in worth they are most likely 1,500 dollars right off the back.

The red angel mini wings are 400 mill last time I checked in the Marketplace. So that's even more.

Long story short, the Wii isn't really a first place award. But still it's free nonetheless and I'll be happy to win anything to begin with.
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I'd also rather have the 2003 letter than any of the other prizes. I've wanted Angelic Minis for an age. Hasn't everyone?

And I have the red Wii already, why would I want a white one?
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I can't enter the contest but I was thinking the same thing. Oh to win the wings would be a dream!
You can get a wii any place but the wings are just so rare. emotion_kirakira
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Im more a ps3 kinda gal so I would love to win the thank you letter!
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Agreed. I've never hoped so hard for second or third place. Mini♥. But like Illucio said, I wouldn't complain if I were to win the Wii, not like it can't be sold. wink
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I'd sell the goddamn Wii and help my family pay off some bills goddamn.

Red devil wings and '03s are stupid anyway.
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        If I won any of those prizes I would sell them in a heart beat. Except the Wii...my boyfriend would probably make me keep it crying
        I never win anything...best thing I've even gotten out of a RIG was only worth 500k. I like that I don't have to remember to do anything to be entered, though.
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      hn, I do not want the wii. Other prizes please~
      However, if I do end up with the wii I will just sell it and use the money for GC emotion_awesome

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