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So when Gaia has these contests, I always wonder:

How many people actually enter?
A lot I assume, but eh.


What kind of contest do you want to see Gaia have, and what do you want to be the prize?
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i would rather have the '03s as well ;A; haha
already has wii
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I think a Wii would be nice, but that's because I don't have one.
Though, an '03 letter... daaaaaaaaaaaaamn! I'd take that too!
Mind you... getting out with 100k would be nice too.
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Tan Shoujo

            I'd love to see some '03 Thank you Letters C:
            It'd make it easier for users outside the U.S
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Me too, or the red devil wings.. Make that free 175-450 mil come my way, baby!

Also, I doubt they'll send a wii to the netherlands.. Too much of a hassle..
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i always like more art contests and item design contests~

the 03 letter is a pretty awesome prize. i guess the best prize i can imagine would be an angelic halo, since you can pretty much sell it for anything else you might want. sweatdrop or some of those ridiculous alchemy backwings would be a cool prize too.

in terms of IRL prizes, i would like a car please. rofl or a shopping trip in tokyo where they give you money to spend.

more realistically, i want them to have some kind of sponsor contest with sanrio with lots of awesome hello kitty prizes.
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I have a Wii already... Sold every game from it except two.
Once I get a job I'm buying a PS3 because the Wii has done -nothing- but disappoint me.
Um, I'd never win, but I guess a halo contest.
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I already have a Wii. I rather have the minis or the 2003 items.
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Pffft. I dont need another Wii. I dont even like the one I already own! Devil mini wings I want~<3
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I'd rather have the '03 letter too since I already have a Wii. sweatdrop Don't know what I'd like for prizes or a contest though.
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Pfft! I'd rather have the Wii to be honest. Though those Red Mini Wings would be pretty sweet.
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hahaha as much as I'd like the 03 to sell
my fiance's Wii just broke so my birthday present I got I can't play
till we get a new one which will be in goodness knows when
because we don't have the money to buy a new one

I'd be pretty cool a** beans if they gave away PSP Vitas
I want one but they be spensive ;w;

not that I have ANY chance of winning
my luck is zero emo
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I already have a Wii, so I definitely rather be 2nd or 3rd place than first.
That said I did some rough math, very rough. and cam out with about 1.5 million entries, since as I understand it you are automatically entered when you log on. That's not a really well informed estimate, since I based it upon the amount of people currently online, and that could be high or low, I have no idea.
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` ll [ E d w a r d ]
            I'd love to see some '03 Thank you Letters C:
            It'd make it easier for users outside the U.S

>>>: I agree, if I can't win the wii because I don't live in America
I should at least have a shot at the second and third place prices, right?
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Don't need a Wii either since I already have one so I'd prefer the 03 too. x3

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