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I'm still here for many reasons. Guild, friends, art, forum topics, hangouts, changes - these are the reasons mostly 3nodding
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here out of habit and a single guild where I love everyone to death.

without that guild I'd barely be active.
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because I have too many items to just leave. My wardrobe on here is much more fun than my RL one. There are people on here that judge less than RL friends. I have a lot of spare time.

This plus the fact that there's not a lot of Sailor Moon fans in my area.
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because i hold hope that this place will become the way it was back in the day
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I'm here for friends, all the sweet items, and the community. heart
Never thought of leaving before...

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I have thought of leaving, but I just can't seem to do it. I want to leave when I feel too old for the site. And this isn't just too old as in "I am 22, am I too old?"...I feel too old because I feel my life it as a different place than most of the people on here. I am sure there are people who are in the same place as me on here and I have met a few. But I don't have a strong base of those people to keep me grounded on here.

I get on here and read people complaining about school, parents, brothers sisters, their part time work, and sometimes even just a manga, anime. It makes me furious. That is when I want to leave. I am dealing with my son dying, taking time off work, paying medical bills, funeral bills and I come on here to see someone complaining that their sister broke their $200 Bleach action figure they got for Christmas. Then I feel guilty because they are dealing with the issues that are relevant to them. I just wish I had a bigger cohort in this community. .
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Well I originally started in 2001 but left and didn't come back and make a new account till 2007. I had some friends in college that frequented Gaia and it was a way to keep in touch. I really like dressing up my avatar - you're never too old for dressing up. But in real life, serial hair dying comes with crunchy consequences and let's face it - some of us can't always pull off every gaia outfit be we too fat or thin, short or tall, not in possession of awesome wardrobes or not 2D enough.

And I have too many really cool items. I remember questing for my North Kitten Star back when it was selling for a mere 1mil. And later I quested for a Jet that was inflated to 49mil. It took me months to accrue that much. But I love my Jet. I can't abandon him whee
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For the friends I've made on here.

That, and the fact that I have the time to kill, so why not.
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Honestly I have no idea why...
Well maybe it could be the items that I've collected over the years and the friends that I still talk to...and maybe the events but I usually mainly lurk through the threads and reading rather than anything else. sweatdrop
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Because there is nothing else to do on bus rides
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I'm still here because of RPing purposes. I probably would've left a long ago if I hadn't gotten attached to RPing on here, because the forums pretty much bore me now. The majority of my posts these days are either RP or OOC thread posts.
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I come on here because i like to talk to my friends, and dress up.
I really liked the idea of having a wardrobe when i first joined,
and now its one of the things on this site which i work on the most.

I really need to finish my long avoided inventory sorting. scary thought.
To be honest I'm not really sure lol. I guess I just like the variety in topics here.
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I'm probably still here because I still know quite a few people in this site and we do awesome, random stuffs together.
And just look at all the shiny items gaia has been releasing, they're just so puuurty to leave behind.


A group shot earlier today:

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