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Ridley Starsmore

Seriously, it'd be like Green Lantern leaving the Justice League. It'd go on, but it just wouldn't be the same, yo.

xd That made me giggle.

I keep coming back because of the RPG in a guild...and boredom o_o
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I'm still on Gaia because of pixels. All the shiny pixels. I own them and I lust them and I always need more pixels.
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Ridley Starsmore
I'm still here, because I'm in too deep to leave.-lol-

Seriously, it'd be like Green Lantern leaving the Justice League. It'd go on, but it just wouldn't be the same, yo.

I think you're one of the few Gaians who can actually say that....you and Plexi_Lexi, however, you've outlived her.

OP: I'm still here because I'm invested in a couple of wonderful forums full of badass people.

plexi still logs on I think every so often for utopia donations. Ofc after her unfair banning if that happened to me I would say ******** it.

And me nowadays I don't know. I enjoy dressing up and drawing people I randomly see to pass time. Alot of the people went downhill over the years and the good almost all left. cat_sweatdrop
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Attacking Spirit

I'm here mostly because of friends, then the avatar and forums.
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Because I'm not dead.

But seriously though. I don't have any friends on here anymore - I'm not part of any guild or clans. I guess I'm mostly just here for the items and the time-killing. I've been here about 6 years now (HOLY s**t I'VE BEEN HERE FOR 6 YEARS) and I'm just used to it at this point.
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only here as a means to escape reality. Gaia had better stay alive and kicking for years to come.
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Because I love getting art of my avatar rofl

Im sorry Im such a selfish gaian;;

Also because I love the comics and I admire certain artists (ex. reapersun) here.
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Im having too much fun to quit now. 4laugh
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I just check in for about 10 minutes then check out again...Its become kinda dead here now?
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Because I dont want to bother with doing other things I need to do.
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Gaia's a fun place to hang out on. And well the items are nice. But the people especially.
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I'm still a Gaian because I have no idea why.
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I'm still a Gaian because I'm still a role player. I have met some really good friends here and I like communicating with them. :3
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I'm still a Gaian because I made an awful lot of friends here and they mean a lot to me
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I would've stopped logging on many times over if it weren't for friends I have here. Most of them I have on tumblr and/or facebook but there are some I can only talk to here, and I would hate to lose that.

Granted I still like to dress up my avatar, but not nearly as much as I used to. I'm mostly here for the people.

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